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Sleepy sleeps

Sleepy sleeps

Felt really grim today, did something stupid over the weekend which i dont want admit to as i know ill be judged and have the finger wagged at me.

Cant wait to get back to work tomorrow....even though its so stressful. I had my personal development review on friday and was nervous...but i did well, i couldnt help being dissapointed though, i wanted to do better than i did or maybe i thought i should have done better.

ive been so tired so slept most of the day, couldnt even bring myself to go for my run (1st one ive missed in 9 weeks) and didnt go food shopping so i could prep my food for the week. Just had no go in me.

I have though managed to tidy my room which ive been putting off for weeks.

Dressed up as a clown last night for a halloween party, was a good night i just get down seeing couples about and that. Wish i had someone to share my life with. Same old boring moans i know but i cant help it lol

Bath and bed i think....

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