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what happens if I continue this habit?


okey so ummm ive been going through a hard episode of depression recently (past 2 months) and eating is literally a hugeeee issue for me as I live at home with my parents however they are strict I must buy my own food cook my own food and eat my own food no exceptions, the shopping centre is over 2km away and I cant be stuffed walking there, I go days without food before dragging myself to order takeout which I eat and then go days again with a snack or two, I tried buying groceries at some point but I couldn't muster the effort to get up and use them, even 2 minute noodle is too difficult with the revelation that entering the kitchen which is the hub of the house immediately causes arguing is a huge hinderance. I'm sure this cycle of barely eating more than 3 meals a week is extremely dangerous and its starting to show as many of my clothes are starting to no longer fit. what can I do? whats going to happen?

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Well if you don't eat you will eventually die of starvation. You are at risk of developing anorexia and you do not want to go down that path.

I understand how difficult it is to cook for yourself when you can barely move through depression but you must at least start eating more. This will make you feel a bit better at least.

Now for solutions: Is the only place that sells food 2 k away? How about other shops that have food too? How about ordering ready meals online? That way they could be delivered to your door. Ready meals only need shoving in the microwave and are so quick and easy. Next time you go to the store why not buy some bread and cheese etc. and keep them in your room to make a quick sandwich? x

my food has to live in a fridge in the garage and I bought bread and it lived there till it went moldy in which case my mum lost her shit at me for not cleaning it up ummm im a student I barely have 50$ a week to pay for food delivering meals while better than not eating will take the money I use to take care of my board and credit I need for work. its tough tbh right now

Well buy bread and clear it up (or eat it) before it goes mouldy. That's got to be better than not eating. Can you get a part time job? x

ive tried to get a part time job for the last few months no luck yet um, I'll try and work on the bread thing

Hi Namaste, I know this maybe difficult to do and it's radical, but you need to physically get out of your abusive situation, and as you are a student, can you move out of your family home into student accommodation on campus or move in with a friend. In the UK the government based Social Services would be involved in finding and supporting vulnerable people emergency accommodation.

You do need to eat nutritionally balanced food/meals as this will affect your mental and physical health. The microwave ready meals suggestion is a good idea. Also, consider healthy soups and smoothies, as a useful and nutritious alternative. You mention $ (dollars), so may I presume that you are American and live in the States? It may help to have an appointment with a student counsellor at your College. I think writing things down, and setting up appointments with your doctor again, as well as possibly your student counsellor, and asking for a mental health referral would be beneficial. Please keep our international crisis support helplines handy: shawmindfoundation.org/supp...

Check out this website in US too: mentalhealth.gov/

You need to get some help to keep you safe and a plan to move forward in your life.

Keep posting, we are listening.

Best wishes,

MAS Nurse

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