struggling today (dont mean to trigger anyone sorry)

So i woke up today feeling on edge, panicky and keep crying. Cant even get out of bed and noone i can call on for help or support. My gp doesnt support me so somehow i need to deal with it on my own. I just feel so low right now and struggling see a way out and fed up feeling like this. Ive tried all the usual distraction techniques reading a book, watching something funny on tv, adult colouring and I just cant concentrate on them. Ive managed to grab a banana before feeling like i was going to pass out from a panic attack and currently lying on the bed wishing it all to end. I want to get better just cant seem how to get to the other side at the moment. Sorry for rambling on and I apologise as know many of us get days like this and not just me just didnt know where else to turn x

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  • That's why we're here. It stinks to feel so down. Long term solution: can you get a new GP? You should have one who can understand what you're going through. For now, take it just one moment at a time. Relax. If this is a day you stay in bed, then you stay in bed. If you can't distract your current feelings, then embrace them. Is there some particular thing overwhelming you? Can you pinpoint a trigger? At some point a good GP might be able to help you with meds or therapy. Right now, I'm sending you a big hug (( * )). I hope the feelings ease.

  • Hi WhiteAlice thanks for your kind words. I also suffer from agoraphobia so unable to leave the house so im stuck with my current gp for now. Im not sure why i feel so overwhelmed at the moment its just been building up gradually to this point. My gp wont prescribe meds as my body doesnt cope too well with the side effects and last time ended up in hospital so now they wont prescribe them. Ive had to arrange the counselling myself as gp wouldnt refer and was advised thats why waiting list is so long as i self referred. Thanks for the hug it really helps and im sure the symptoms will ease eventually just difficult at the moment.

  • Great advice WhiteAlice. How are you coping now? Are things any better? Hope so.

  • Hi flimsymimsy

    This is from our guide:

    Panic Attacks can be present in a number of anxiety disorders including Panic Disorder and Social Phobia. Panic Attacks include a severe sudden debilitating onset of terror and fear that usually peaks ten minutes after onset. Panic Attacks can last up to an hour but most are shorter, usually being 20 to 30 minutes in length. Panic Attacks can have psychological symptoms such as the fear response and can also have physical symptoms such as sweating and chest pains.

    Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder can be treated through medication and through psychological treatment. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is the main psychological approach used to combat panic attacks and this is ideally the first form of treatment. This therapy looks at ways of reinterpreting negative thoughts that may lead to Panic Attacks and may also teach ways to try to relax during a Panic Attack, such as breathing techniques. The main medicinal approach to treating Panic Attacks in the context of Panic Disorder is to use Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, which are a form of antidepressant.

    I'm sure you'd benefit from a Recovery and Support book, check this out here.


  • Thanks Chloe

  • You are suffering from depression, and you are not alone. At the moment, that does not help you feel better I know. Depression is a serious disease, I got through the tunnel and out of the other side of what was called 'severe clinical depression' - I had the lot, suicidal planning, self harm via alcohol and medicinal abuse - the works.

    My first bit of advise to anyone is to accept it. Don't try and fight it. Accept you are depressed, you are currently being controlled a dysfunctional brain, bereft of reason or chemical balance. Trying to 'pull yourself out of it' is futile and like trying to get rid of cancer by thinking it away.

    Does this seem harsh? It shouldn't, I am trying to simply stop you wasting your energy on trying to work it out. It's happening because you have an imbalance of mood hormones in your brain which cause you to become irrational and have no ability to function in the real world. Everyone gets the 'blues' now and again. With us, and I include myself, this is a disease which never truly goes, you just get ace at knowing how to defeat the bad days.

    I have helped friends, strong, hard people, ex-forces and people from all walks of life. My advice was always what I've just typed. You've got it, don't try and argue with it. Learn how to fight it.

    Many people ask me about medication. I see meds as purely re-balancing you to a 'normal' level where you can reason and have some control over what was once lost. BUT I feel, and this is only my thoughts now. That unless you fix the triggers, meds can only go so far. To be truly happy you have to find peace.

    This is not the preface to a bible lesson. The church did help with one aspect of my lack of peace, but other things helped me too.

    Step one, is to remove ANYTHING negative in your life. If you have a friend who brings you down when they talk to you. Remove that friend. If a picture or song reminds you of a loss, remove that picture. Avoid the song.

    This seems simple, but I myself have allowed negative things to continue to hurt me at a time I had no strength to laugh it off.

    True friends will understand you need a break. This seems like isolating yourself, but would you rather sleep in a warm bed with a pack of lions waiting to jump on you, or sleep in a room alone? No, this is about isolating you from negative people and objects. My house reminded me of an ex-girlfriend which caused a lot of pain. I booked a cheap hotel one weekend, which felt great. No triggers, no memories. A new environment. Sounds silly? Maybe, but it worked FOR ME.

    Then I got home and redecorated. I took my home back from bad memories.

    STEP 2 - cleanse your heart of bad feelings. This is where a Christian pal helped me. God says to let peace into your heart. It was hard, I was full of anger for my ex-wife, my dad, my life, everything that I knew got me into this dark place. To forgive them all wasn't easy but I did. I let only happy thoughts in, and in my island of no negativity it was easier.

    With depression you only have a tiny amount of emotional strength. You need to maximise every drop. Wasting it on 'I hate him because he has a new wife' or 'why didn't my dad love me' is a waste of that energy. If you think about it, nothing will change the past. You need to let go and let the lovely thoughts in.

    Now depression does not offer many nice thoughts in. You'll have to go search for them. It's easier when you forgive and forget those who have been horrible. Your heart is at least empty, not full of darkness. I started listening to nature sounds late into the night. Appreciated the tiny things like birds and insects and how amazing the world actually is. I grew flowers in my pots and read about stuff I'd never been interested in.

    STEP 3 - talk. Don't feel alone, you are on this forum. I couldn't have done that at the lowest of days. So well done. This disease still remains taboo and this forum should tell you that you are amongst those who know how you feel. So many people think they do, but empathy is one thing. Understanding a disease which controls your every thought, turns you into an irrational robot, makes you actually believe you want to die. You've gotta live it to know it.

    If you are truly having suicidal thoughts, and are at the planning stage. If you are self harming then no Doctor in their right mind would refuse to help. Walk into an A&E and tell them. It may well be you need Meds to start the ball rolling. Maybe you won't but at least look.

    God speed my friends.

  • The Doctors are awful when it comes to mental health they just fob you off with a pill! Makes me mad 😡

    Easier said than done but I find getting out into nature walking helps me a lot sending positive thoughts and love

  • My coping strategy on really bad days is this: accept your feelings. Stay in bed. Wrap your duvet tight around you so you feel nice and safe. Try and eat. Have lots of hot drinks. If thoughts are going round and round, get a big piece of paper and write and write. Doesn't need to make sense - you're just getting the thoughts out of your head. If you feel up to it, phone a friend. If not, don't. And don't start to think about how you can fix things - that can wait until tomorrow. Today is all about crisis management. And most important of all - remind yourself you will get through this. Good luck and hugs.

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