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My Friend

My friend

Is no knight in shining armour

Wisping me away

From Troubles

Instead he’s there

No crutch

But encouragement

To stand on my own two feet

To make my own decisions

Accept my own consequences

Live my own life

No crutch

But there

To share

In wisdom


In despair

In hope

In fear

In care

I'm not sure when this poem came into being - though I do know the particular friend that inspired it.

I hope that everyone has or finds one friend who fits this bill

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Sure do and I don't know where I would be without her. She is very supportive, encouraging and, most importantly, non-judgemental. I am so lucky to have her close by. Hope you still have your friend too. Julie xx


Yes he's still around - in his 70s but still working as a consultant and at the moment he's in China. Talks about retiring but I think it's more likely he'll get his final P45 from the Grim Reaper first :)


I wish I could say I did have one. My best friend has gone back to live in America and alhough we still contact each other its not so often due her lifestyle changes. I feel very alone now and wish I had that special friend with whom I really could talk to. I don't know anyone in my area and in all the years I have lived here I have tried, but it is obviously not to be. Hence I talk on here to complete strangers but people I hope understand how hard it is and how lonely it can be. Maybe I have done things wrong, as all my so called friends seemed to let me down or maybe I've let them down. To be honest I now struggle to even bother with anything except existing in my own bubble, but sometimes I have to admit that is all I want.

I am happy you have truly trusted friends, as in my many years i have to admit they are extremely hard to come by.

Don't get me wrong, I have friends and a couple who I do talk to but unfortunately I tend not to see them too often due to their commitments etc.

Wow, how sorry for myself do i sound, I am going through a tough time right now, but I'll get there one day!



Sorry to hear about the loneliness but I do understand - I have periods when all my friends seem to be busy with other things and I do feel a little let down but I try to bear in mind that all of us get busy so try not to take it personally.

I wouldn't say that I have many people that I regard as friends - just a few people and I often find that if I want to see them I have to make the effort and go and see them - and to some extent that is good because I can sometimes be a grumpy so and so when people descend on me unexpectedly.

I see the friend above once a week if I'm lucky these days and it is probably the same with most of my other friends so understand feelings of isolation and loneliness - I had a period at the start of the year - after breaking an ankle - when I was confined to the house and that was really difficult and I did feel very isolated.

You don't really sound sorry for yourself at all - think that was probably the tough times talking.

Glad that you find talking on here helps a bit.


thanks for your kind words gambit it means more than you know. today I've felt awful and ended up sleeping the day away due to a recent back op so it doesn't help my feeling of being alone. your message makes a lot of sense and i will take heed to what you say x

thank you x


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