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find difficultly in sleeping

during night i just find myself difficult to sleep...every night i feel an incurable pain that is never going to end...on one side i just want to end my life or live alone and on the other side i find myself unable to fulfill my dream or my wish..its getting hard to get it done...i think i should start taking medicine...coz there is no one who can understand me and my problems...its a fact that a normal person never understands your problem,just tries to give courage and takes your problems lightly as they are not of much worry..

if it is continuing i won't be able to lead a happy life..every night i will experience a dreadful and scary will appear daily that the problems of the whole world are upon my shoulders...i just want to live in a mental asylum...and want that no one disturbs me...

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sometimes it helps to just dump all the days fears onto paper at the end of the day and simply leave them there to hibernate unthought of . do you already channel into creative writing, it can help to put your feelings into some thing far removed from your actual life, but be careful that the creative fantasies are distant from your actual life, otherwise they can just become a rumination on what frustrates you in your own life.


Sleeping pills might, help I am considering sleeping pills myself.

Otherwise mindfulness techniques help, control emotions, stress and gain a better perspective. I talk about and outline some mindfulness techniques on my post:

I also find it help to write down my feelings, thoughts and worries, or make lists of pros and cons of life and myself. Then find solutions for the cons or reasons why they can be positive.


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