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I feel really lost now had a letter saying I have been transferred to ESA Work related activity group, and am Petrified not only because of my physical disabilities but my mental health as well! I eventually went to DRs and have agreed to see CPN apparently I DO have depression through a significant Trauma some years ago, (I honestly can not remember any of it as I said in a previous blog!) I am terrified when I go outside my home even with someone but on my better days I can do it! I used to drink very heavy and seemingly was the life and soul of partys and get togethers again I can not remember any of it! I am going to appeal the decision to put me on WRAG, as DR says I should be in support group as It would be harmful to myself and others if I was on WRAG(???)due to being in constant pain which I take Zomorph and Oramorphe I really do feel lost am I just being silly or can anyone else see my dilema!


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4 Replies

  • I do sympathise DellO1. And I know exactly what you are saying and understand it. Your doctor is quoting from rules and regulations regarding the qualifications for being in support group. This is a key point. Is your doctor (and anyone else you can think of) prepared to put this in writing? That would really help your case. "harmful to myself and others' is one of the key issues that would stop you having to be in work group. It is written into the rules.

    Hope this helps. Let us know how you get on.

    Bev xx

  • hi Hypercat my Dr has signed a template that states he believes under regulation 25 and /or 31 , I should be exempt from the medical and from the work group and that I should be under the support group, he told me part of their decision is my fault because I did not apply for the higher rate DLA when my condition got worse! I just feel in a sort of limbo now am in constant fear of getting told I must go to the interviews etc etc , If I am having a bad day then I wont make it out of the door and then I will get sanctioned then lose my home and my Parrots! thankyou for your support hypercat I do appreciate it!

  • Thats good DellO that your doctor has done this and is clearly supporting you. You need to make sure your appeal is in very quickly. Do you still stay in work group whilst your appeal goes in? If so don't worry too much. I used to work for the Department of Work and Pensions and have always found personal advisors at the Job Centre to be understanding and supportive with people in your position. Their aim is not to browbeat you but to help you into a job you can do. But they do have to follow the rules, even when they know they are stupid, otherwise they would lose their jobs.

    If you have to stay in the work group at least for a while the Jobcentre will ask you what type of work you can do. You usually have to give 2 options. Then you need to look for work. Most of this can be done on the internet so you won't need to be out much. As long as the Jobcentre are happy you are looking for work and meeting the criteria you should be ok. Even if you can't get many interviews.

    Your doctor can do you a letter stating the maximum hours you can do ie 20 or whatever he/she thinks. Take that into the Jobcentre and they can't force you to apply for work for longer than those hours.

    Glad I helped a bit DellO. I know its easy to say but try not to worry about it too much. Hopefully you will win your appeal. Just concentrate on getting through it day by day and try not to think ahead too much. Lots of hugs and stay strong.

    Bev xx

  • hi I dont know what happens during the appeal process , but I do know that I can not go to a work group setting as I can not leave the house without someone with me and I can not meet new people as I get panic attacks! so I will probably get sanctioned?? I honestly dont know!!

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