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Scrap my last blog!!...the rumors were true!!

My friend who i used to work with at my old job i left to come to uni (where my ex works also) called me today to tell me about a rumor she had heard.

It would seem that my ex of just 7 weeks has been seeing someone else....someone i used to work with.

I just felt sick to my stomach...plus i had only spoken to him the other day!

i called him up and just said i wanted him to be honest with me (as i may be going back there soon) and had he been seeing this girl?

he confirmed he had but they had broken up last week.

this is what ive been dreading, finding out something like this. I was shaking none stop for hours, i dont no what i am or feeling but its not good, i cant stop thinking about it, the thought of them 2 together is knocking me sick :(

i dont no how long it was after me or why they split up or if he was just calling me the otherday because they had split up and thought go back to what he knows best.

and he used to wind me up and say she was fit along with other girls i worked with including my mate but then told me he was joking about it all.

then the cheeky **** said it doesnt change anything between me and him does it?

and i was like yes everything!!!

Then he wouldnt stop asking me questions about who told me so i put the phone down after politely telling him i just wanted to no the answer to that question and goodbye.

then he text me saying he needs me to hear his side of the story and doesnt want me jumping to conclusions and getting wound up and to ring him when im ready to talk.

the cheek of it after him asking me all those questions about what id been up to since then!!!

i am so angry and shocked and i dont no what but i feel awful!!

i could never ever go near him again now, i bought a bday card to send as well the other day but wont be sending that now. cant believe it at all....

hope i dont slip back under...

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hes a timewaster!


Oh hun, I am absolutely gutted for you. What a tosser! X


That is the most awful feeling, sorry you have to go through it...

You know what..it seems to me that the guys who question what you do, and want answers from you about we're you have been, what you have been doing, they do this because they themselves have been up to no good......they don't trust because they themselves can't be trusted!!

It may feel awful, but best to find out and know about it, rather than not know and make wrong decisions...maybe it helps you to put some closure on this and help you to move on...maybe not straight away as you feel hurt...

If it were me i wouldn't even want to hear his side now...but that's me

Hope you feel better, you deserve better

With all good wishes

Sue xxxxx

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Ps please don't allow him to make you slip back under....he's not worth it....



Ah thats terrible, Try not to let the whole thing bring you down. It seems to me that he is not good for you and a messer as well. Sometimes we need to get a bit of distance. I personally would not give him another chance. Look after you, build your own life up, get stronger, and you can give yourself the chance to meet a decent guy who will love and support you, not put you down and mess you around.

I know you must be in bits, but take it a day at a time, you will get over this, but no one needs this kinda stuff in their lives. Life is hard enough without this.

Rest plenty and have a good old cry if you need to, Take care.

Hannah xx


You sound like a really great person and deserve much better than him and his awful game playing. Be strong. Cry those tears and then get out and enjoy your life. You are moving forward and he is past history, hon. Don't let him drag you down. Hope you feel better soon.


Gentle hugs


Never go back and you deserve so much better.x


Hold your head up high girl, he was the "a hole, not you,,,, he deceived you!! so what the hell are you doing,,, feeling this way,,, he would be with you, till (in his mind) something better came along. And the selfish git, thinks this wont effect him moving back in with you,,, because thats what he has planned in his mind. He is only thinking of number one,, himself.

Your better than that,, tell yourself a hundred times in the mirror, and like jermey kyles says ,,, would rather live in a carboard box, than live with that,,,,,yuck. Raise the BAR!!

You feel awful, because you have been decieved, lied too, people knew, except for you. Hes the one who just doesnt get it (because hes so selfish)Hes the one who should be ashamed. your angry,,,get angry,,, tell yourself your better than that, dont feel sorry for that crap, of a person.

Movve on for your own self respect!!!! hold your head high. put the phone down, slam the door go enjoy yourself, with friends,,just be soooo busy,,, you havent got time for him... give yourself time to heal. six months down the line, you will see what a piece of self obsorbed dirt looks like,, and your wonder why you ever ever gave him the time of day.

If you ever go to work their, tell them all what a smuck he is, and he was the one who was unfaithful, NOT YOU.

Go out get a spa,, have your hair done, go to the gym, just be out out out enjoying yourself.

were here for you x


Thank you so much everyone for all of your words :)

its like i know in my head all of this but cant put it into action yet. I do hope down the line ill look back and be like....what the f**k?! what was i doing at all!

he has spoilt the last few days of my time in london and i am fuming about that. infact...hes spoilt 90% of my overall time here. what a waste....least i will come out with my degree, he cant take that away from me.

I will NEVER be going back there...this is the nail in the coffin



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