Why do I feel so fed up and tired?

I have suffered with depression for many years. About two years ago I had some therapy and did a CBT course. I was put on medication which I am still on. I thought I was getting better. I have coping strategies but they don't work anymore.

I just feel so fed up. I'm constantly tired which makes me irratable and short tempered.

I started a new job in January which I thought would make me feel better. The job is going well but I still feel useless!

I have felt like this for a few weeks now so it not just a bad patch. I have had patches before but this is different.

Has anyone else felt like this?

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  • I feel the same, but I was only diagnosed with severe depression in October (although thought to have suffered for almost two years) I am always tired, even if by some miracle I manage to sleep peacefully for eight hours, I still feel exhausted, ratty and shirt tempered.

  • Hi Lala2013

    I think that this is something that many of us will be able to identify with. I know that often no matter how much I sleep I just want to keep sleeping, and nothing makes me feel ok. It's horrible isn't it? Hugs xxx

    Do you have much / any support round you?

  • Hi golfer13

    So sorry you are feeling this way.

    It is horrible isn't it, when you feel that things should be going ok but you still feel so fed up and low.

    You mentioned that you are on medication. Have you been on it long, might it be time for a review of your medication, maybe worth checking in with your GP?

    Regarding the coping strategies that you mentioned that no longer seem to be working - do you want to share some of these with us?

    It's great that you did a CBT course. I find sometimes that it's necessary to go back and 're-learn' these skills, give ourselves some kind of a refresher, as we can start taking them for granted, or slip into old routines. Did you do the course online (e.g. Living Life to the Full) or did you do it in person with someone?

    I really do hope that things improve for you soon.


  • Not good is it. Good to know we arent alone. Other people don't understand.

  • Definitely not alone, Golfer15.

    It's very hard for others to understand when they have not been there.

  • Thanks for your comments Amanda. I do have some support from my wife but she doesnt really understand. Maybe a review with my gp is a good idea. I have been on the medication over two years. My coping strategies are just to be alone from my wife and kids, as I am now and listen to loud rock music. I go to the gym and enjoy walking. I feel that exercise is good.

    I did a cbt course online called beating the blue but I also a counsellor one to one and attended group sesions. I will read my notes from then. I have just found a new book online about anxiety which I am reading. I enjoy chatting to people online. Do you have facebook or twitter. I find these are good.

    However, not much works at the moment. I still feel bad!

  • Hi Golfer.

    Yes it can be hard for your wife to understand, if she hasn't been there too.

    2 years is a long time for the same meds - so is worth speaking to your GP.

    Re CBT course online have you thought about doing Living Life to the Full course online, to recap on the skills you learned? See llttf.com/

    I have facebook and twitter. Twitter I find really great, but facebook less so.

    I know not much seems to be working at the moment, and it must be so frustrating. I will be thinking of you. You are doing great :)

  • It's so awful when we have no joy in our lives because of this way we feel. I know I should be able to overcome the way I feel but something is stopping me. Maybe I don't have enough willpower. I have a good psych but not sure he knows what to do next. My husband has just been in hospital and now has serious heart problem. Add that 'normal' anxiety to my 'abnormal' anxiety I feel I am just hanging in there. So thank goodness for this site where we all know how each other feels and can let out our feelings and thoughts. ((((Hugs))) to you all who are so supportive and my best wishes to you Golfer15, hope you are feeling brighter soon. xx

  • Thanks for your comments. Happy Easter I am feeling a bit more possitive today as it is Easter day. I expect tomorrow will be different. One day at a time!

  • Hi - yes I have felt like this recently too. When I look back I think I have probably been depressed most of my life - I finally had a breakdown about 2 years ago and went to my GP - I was prescribed anti depressants and have been taking them since. I have struggled through the last couple of years with good days and bad - my problem is I never quite know what mood I am going to wake up in and sometimes I open my eyes and feel numb, empty and meaningless and find it very difficult to gather up any energy. I work fulltime in a job I dont like but do it to support my 2 kids. I know I am not living to my potential and have gone to group based CBT to try and gain some control. The tips and techniques learned from CBT are good - works great on the days that you can apply it but sometimes you just cannot gain any perspective. One thing though, the most unhelpful thing is to sit and do nothing about the way you feel - I think we all need to keep moving, learning and strive to gain a better perspective. That said I am going to freshen up and take a nice brisk walk. Hope you are feeling more energised today.

  • Hi debsg I'm feeling quite good today. Happy Easter! Thanks for your support. I've just been for a brisk walk before lunch. I agree keeping active is impotant. I hope to go to the gym tomorrow. My gp recommended that. Some days are good, like today and some are bad, like yesterday when I wrote this blog. We just take one day at a time. Good to know we arent alone.

  • Hi everyone, its not easy to keep up the momentum of feeling ok, and I think we forget to keep working at the positive strategies that keep us well. I write in my journal every day and that helps too. Excercise is good and I also try and write down three things I am grateful for each day. Sometimes its hard to find three. I write "Being alive" My cat etc. and then other times I have a good little list. Take it one day at a time, things change, and April is nearly her, and hopes of better weather and getting out and about. Wishing you all well and take care of yourselves. Its great that we have each other. Hannah

  • They're all really good advice Hannah, and you are right we do forget to keep working at the positive strategies that keep us well

  • Thanks Hannah Good thoughts Nice to have the support on here.

  • Hey Golfer15...

    I was the same, almost felt like lapsing over the last month or so, don't know about anyone else but this weather is killing me, we all need to wake up and bring on spring its one of the more beatifull times of year, and goodness do we need that right now. Defo take all the advice above and that doctor appointment is a must!

    And take another walk we all feel better when we are outside and take exercise.

    Take at look at this I put together from my experiences - bit.ly/BDBSHU

  • Thanks Yes we need better weather. That really affects me. It is bright here but I know it will be cold. Got to go to the dentist and then we are going for a walk. Don't know the point of seeing my gp as I don't want to increase or change my medication.

  • I definitely can empathise with you, I feel tired all the time, I'm usually in bed by nine every night otherwise I can't get up in the mornings. I even took my morning meds instead of my night meds yesterday. It is hard to keep going and be positive.

  • Sorry you feel like this too Raymond. It is hard to keep going at times. We are not alone.

  • I can't believe I've just seen this post. This is exactly how I've been feeling for ages. I feel tired all the time. When I wake up in the morning, I could just go back to sleep straight away. Admittedly, I hate my work. I feel so unfulfilled in work and home life. If I could end things painlessly right now... well, I think I would seriously consider it. My job requires me to be on top of my game. I must be on point. But feeling tired all the time, I make mistakes. This in turn makes me less reliable and less competent. As a result, I hate what I do. It's a vicious cycle. Home life is no better because the other half has no appreciation of how I feel.

  • That's exactly how i'm feeling right now with the work pressure & lack of support at home. It truly is a vicious cycle. You're pressured to perform your best at work, you spend hours & late nights so you end up with almost no time to exercise. Then your depression kicks in. I feel so alone some times & fed up. It is just too overwhelming. My partner thinks i'm overreacting & criticizes me when i break down & cry cos he doesn't understand. Yet when he needs support & comfort, i'm required to be constantly available. This is sooooo tiring...

  • Not of much help but I know what you mean. Depression is draining.

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