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Bored all the time/ can't find my passion and don't feel like getting out of bed ever

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I realised that I have no passion or motivation for anything in my life. I'm too tired to go anywhere and do anything. I have trouble even thinking about ideas that could be fun. I feel bored almost all the time and even though I usually feel great after things like working out or seeing friends it can sometimes be damn near impossible to get myself to do these things. Its like my brain blocks anything from being interesting to me. It's effecting my relationship. I feel like my fiance is getting depression from just being around me all the time. How do I enjoy life again? How can I feel excited and happy and passionate about life? Right now it all feels grey. Is this just what being a grown-up feels like? Cuz if that's true I'm ready to be a kid again.

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Hello Hopers56

Thank you for your post, it does sound as if you are having such a difficult time. Perhaps you can tell us more about how things led up to this situation. It is a positive thing that you have posted this message.

This is a supportive community, so our members may be able to offer more help and support too.

Have you talked with your GP or doctor, it sounds as if you need some help to get you through to a better situation for you? Do you have a friend or family member that you can talk with about what is happening for you?

The pinned pots and topics may have more information for you.

The charity MIND may offer you more support.

Do tell us more and keep in touch

Two things here...

It sounds like you have depression and I would urge you to see your Gp, it could also be a B12 deficiency so not a bad idea to just get that checked out one way or another...

And the grown up thing? Yep it sucks lol

But you are not a kid anymore and no one else is responsible for making you happy or providing you with enriching’s a hard truth but once you get your head around it, it also means you can make your own choices and you have the freedom to do what you want to do without a parental rulebook.

The boredom.... being grown up is about long periods of boring necessary activities interspersed with wonderful moments of happiness, dark moments of worry and self doubt and the odd bit of drama....or a lot in my case lol.

It’s how you choose to perceive it. Boredom is a passive activity, you can choose to be bored or you can choose to make the most out of a boring situation...and that truly is being a grown up.

Take care xxx

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Ladygrey in reply to Foof

‘being grown up is about long periods of boring necessary activities interspersed with wonderful moments of happiness.’


Hey Hopers56!

Like you, I also had this issue. It got to the point where for almost 3 years I only left my bed to eat, drink and use the toilet.

I started searching for a hobby, passion or just anything for me to get excited about, with the restriction of not having to go out for it and for it to be cheap or free. Because of the restrictions, i gravitated to computer based hobbies.

A few things to try:

Video Games;


-Instant Gratification

-Easy to get into/beginner friendly

-Clear progression

-Large variety. I don't care if you're 10 years old or 80. There is a game you'll enjoy somewhere.


-Often negative online community

-Depending on the game, can be expencive

-Although it sunds weird, you hit an awkward low point between games.



-You're learning a skill that is transferable into a workplace

-Very fast progression early on

-Depending on what you make, you can make other people happy with your products, and sometimes seeing other happy because of you can really be addictive.

-If you're interested in the topic, it's incredibly captivating

-Lots of online help tools

-100% free from start to finish, with the option to pay for 1 to 1 help, if you want it.

-Friendly and welcoming online community

-Options to turn it into a career


-Can be frushtrating, especially early on.

-Hard to get into as a newbie

-Although learning it is free, some software you might want to make things with is not. However this does depend on your intent.

-Requires basic knowledge in computing

3D Modeling


-Contrary to popular belief, does not require a history of artistic talent

-Completely free if you go with the software "Blender" which I highly reccomend

-Very friendly online community. You will genuinely feel welcome and like you've been with them your whole life after an hour talking to them.

-Very rewarding, seeing something you make come to life

-Options to turn it into a career, or just a hustle. You can make pieces on commission with little commitment.

-Very time consuming, which is great for me who had a lot of time on his own.

-Lots of online tutorial and help


-Can be frustrating early on

-Time consuming, this deserves to be in both pro and con, depending on your

Not sure if any of this is of use to you, but I hope you find something!

Hi there!!!

You said in your post that you usually feel great after doing things like working out or seeing friends.??....So these are obviously things you LIKE to do. You need to keep doing things that leave you feeling that great after doing it.

Sometimes its just the IDEA of having to get up and do things. The longer you lie there thinking about it the less likely you are to do it. (I know this, because I have been experiencing this too lately, but for completely different reasons - I wont go into it because this post is about you and not me!).

Why dont you try this for size:

Set the alarm on your clock or phone the night before for a reasonable time the next day, eg 9am. As SOON as the alarm goes off, dont be tempted to switch it off and roll over. Get up!!...Dont think about it, just get up!!

(Before you set your alarm the night before give yourself something to get up for, whether it is to get ready to go for a run or a long walk. If you've got a swimming pool near you, a swim in the morning is so invigorating - or even just to go and buy a bag of shopping, newspaper - anything, so you can say - "I did it!!". The satisfaction you will feel from this will be so good - and just take it from there). Just a wee thing but a step in the right direction.

This might not be what you want but at least trying to make it better for yourself first before going to the GP will mean that at least you have tried (and you will be able to tell the GP that you have tried to motivate yourself but its just not working, then they can step in and offer you professional help).

Good luck and rest easy in the knowledge that your not alone in feeling like this!!


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