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Why so much circ talk

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I am a bit confused. In the USA Circ rates are depending who you believe 6o - 80% for new born and in the UK it is very low. But in the USA guys wish it wasn't done and the UK they are lining up as adults to get it done. I am speaking in general but why are we not happy with what we have.

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Ha ha! Good question! Personally, I am happy with my fully functioning foreskin. No problems for 64 years and counting.

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jimfromcalif in reply to xsevenx

In the US, circumcision is a sacrament of the national religion of phallic worship, There is no valid religious or medical justification for it.

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BexyBoy in reply to jimfromcalif

I think you meant there is NO valid justification for circumcision ?

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Rood_A in reply to BexyBoy

Yeah .... I'm confident he meant NO JUSTIFICATION

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jimfromcalif in reply to BexyBoy

yes. Thank you!

More sweeping generalisations but, the high neonatal circumcision rate in the USA (even if it does lead to some men thinking they are missing something .... or end up being persuaded that they are by inactivists) does mean that they are spared a great deal of trouble in later life with phimosis, balanatis etc. Ok, there are some in the UK chosing adult circumcision for aesthetic reasons but for most it's a medical necessity.. sometimes an emergency.

For me, I'm circumcised and very happy with what I got.

the truth is that very few intact men ever have issues with phimosis or balanitis.

Ah but you don't live in a largely uncircumcised country. If you did, then like me, you'd probably know a great many uncirced men who have had horrible problems with phimosis, yeast infections, UTIs and a whole catalogue of other nasties that have led to adult circumcision.

The evidence does not support your claim.

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Rood_A in reply to Fookidooki

wikihow.fitness/Do-Phimosis... ...

and save your foreskin, along with Taylor's Ridged Bands

I wouldn't take the entries on here as representative of UK men wanting to be free of their foreskins. Most of the males I know here in the UK don't think about circumcision at all and rarely have any foreskin problems. When mine got a bit tight from getting older with less flexibility in the skin, I found the recommendation of using coconut oil after washing fixed all issues for me. I wouldn't be without my foreskin unless there really was no alternative. If anything, seeing all the problems post circucision others put on here, I'd say having an adult circumcision is not worrh the trouble and I strongly believe infant circumcision is a violation of human rights.

Excellent question. I think many try to justify themselves, one way or the other.I was circumcised as an adult for medical reasons. Am I happy with what I've got, yes.

Did I prefer having a foreskin, yes.

I am in the UK and have only met one person who had a circ' for cosmetic reasons and having been through the process I cannot understand anyone volunteering for it.

I understand some do it for religious reasons but generally speaking I do not think any child should be put through an unnecessary procedure. They can decide when old enough.

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Rood_A in reply to jaglad

You'll have to explain the "medical reasons" that supposedly justified the amputation of your foreskin. In my experience ... "medical" reasons are bogus excuses made by doctors who don't know what they are talking about.

Well I don't have to, but it has been well documented on here so no problem repeating.I was diagnosed with Zoons Balantitis, symptoms are very similar to Penile cancer, so investigations where very quick. Thank You NHS.

The only cure for Zoons is a circ'. Treatment would have eased the symptoms but there was always that cancer possibility. So I took the decision to have Surgery.

Stretching and creams may have helped but I was not going to take that risk.


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xsevenx in reply to jaglad

jaglad I think given the circumstances I would have made the same choice as you. I’m fortunate not to have any foreskin problems so hopefully the situation will not arise for me. But who knows what’s in store round the corner. BW.

Had mine chopped as a adult. Absolutely Love it. Should’ve dun it years ago

It's a hot topic to discuss across the world I think with different cultures and believes. With some guys wishing they never had it done and Other Guys wanting it done as an individual choice. and other needing it for medical reasons. so it will always be a controversial subject with different opinions.

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