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My name is Mark. In the UK. Getting on a bit age wise, early 70s and a widower. A number of health issues having been healthy until now. Had surgery for bowel cancer with the outlook looking good.

I have erectile dysfunction. Been prescribed Viagra type medication. Doesn't appear to have done much good, although I have only masturbated.

I know find that I can't pull my foreskin back over the penis head. Seems as if I need to go and see the Doctor.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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  • Yes, go to your GP, best of luck.

  • Dear Mark. Good that you like sex at 70. It must remain a good interest. About erectile function read my post about slow sex. Erection could not be so important in slow sex. But anyway consult an andrologist. For example have you spontaneous nocturnal erections? If yes, you have good chance to recover your erections. But an andrologist can advise you other options such as surgery.

    About phimosis: is it a new problem for you? Again an andrologist can give you the best options.

    In Italy we say: stai in gamba! That means: try all you can to be ok. I'm Nick, 53.

  • Thanks Nick,

    Yes, tight foreskin is a new problem.


  • If phimosis is a new problem it is a reason more to go to an andrologist or urologist. It may depend on some inflammation. Go and be visited. Without shame or panic. But go. Bye . Nick

  • Nick,

    I already have an appointment with the Doctor this Friday for a review, so will ask him to have a look.


  • Sounds like a trip to the GP for all the usual investigations, diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, hormone levels. Trying other drugs - viagra 100mg gives the most intense effect for most men. The next step is injections.

    Steroid cream may help your tight foreskin.

  • I've had a whole string of blood tests during my recent stay in hospital. No mention about anything abnormal. I do take statins as a precaution, and low dosage high blood pressure tablets

  • Good luck with your GP, Mark. On the Men's Health Forum, there's information on phimosis here:

    and on erectile dysfunction (ED) here:

  • Foreskin Retraction Problem. Success! Saw the Doctor this morning. It took him a few minutes with both hands, and with manipulation and some force, managed to retract my foreskin. He said a vein had been stopping it retracting.

    Suggested that I move the foreskin up and down in the coming weeks.


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