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Glans Numbness 4 weeks after Circ

Hi Guys.

As the tittle suggests,My glans (head) is numb,so much so that i can hardly feel ice directly on my glans.I was circumcised 4 weeks ago.Did anyone experience this or have any advice as to what could be going on? I have a pretty low cut with the scar being about 3 millimetres from the corona head.Any help or advice would be appreciated.


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Hi Luke,

I was very sadly circumcised as an adult, so I can empathise with you. But I hope I can also help you to understand why your glans has suffered in the manner you describe. It's an inevitable consequence of the surgery which removed your nature-given foreskin. When we mess with nature there are always repercussions.

After your surgery healed you probably found that your glans was extremely sensitive to any touch - even the lightest touch of clothing. Why? Because your permanently exposed glans was still soft and nubile as any normal penis is with its equally sensitive and protective foreskin.

But now that your glans is in a state of permanent exposure, nature has kicked in and tries to protect it with a toughened layer of tissue called keratinization. This has left your glans insensitive to anything except physical touch. And interestingly - like you - I have tried not only ice, but VERY hot water on my glans without any instinct to recoil. But doing the same on the shaft of my penis is another matter entirely!

You and I are left with making the best of what we have, Luke. And any suggestions for that I would much appreciate.

When all is said and done, a circumcised penis is a crippled penis.



Private messaged you Christopher cheers


Over time you will become desensitised but it does sound like you have a problem here. I am almost 12 months on and I am still quite sensitive though sensitivity is reducing. At four weeks I could hardly bare touch.

Do not think I would be putting ice or any extremes down there. You may want to discuss with your Dr.


Yes i do find it very odd,i did not go through the hypersensitivity stage,i though because my glans had been exposed quite a bit with washing with hot water in shower etc..but the sensitivity is decreasing even day by day,i have been to doctor they cant seem to explain it,i am hoping sensation will return,has no body experienced this at all?


Hi again Luke.

Your lack of a hypersensitive period does seem very strange. What kind of pants did you wear at the time? Boxers or briefs? (Not that it really matters now!)

Glans sensitivity will continue to decrease month by month, as I mentioned before and explained why this happens. I'm puzzled by your doctor's inability to understand why. He/she should be fully conversant with the workings of a penis, whether circumcised or intact. Sensation will sadly NOT return.

Luke, be thankful that you have not experienced meatal stenosis as I did. It's an unusual complication of adult circumcision which causes a narrowing of the meatus (pee hole). Normal urination is compromised and can back-flow into the urethra. Surgery is required to widen the meatus and return it to its natural state.



Quit putting ice on it.


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