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I recently had the procedure,10 days ago, and feel I've had two experiences in one.

So drop your pants, lie on the table legs apart. No problem. Bit of cold spray, then injection into scrotum. Slightly painful but not too bad. Then incision, tube on right testicle pulled out and snipped.(yes you do feel exactly what's going on) uncomfortable but not too bad. Now to left testicle! Firstly I have noticed over the years, I don't like my left testicle being touched as it is sensitive/painful. A gentle friendly cupping feels like it's been put in a vice. But holy crap, the pulling and cutting of the tube on this side really,really hurt. It seemed there was absolutely no effect from the numbing whatsoever. Anyway went home no really problems. Sex drive feels fine, right testicle feels ok, as described by others I know,who have had the op. But lefty, feels like I start everyday with a kick in the testicle by an angry horse.

I'm hoping this goes, but I'm not convinced it will, it seems to have exaggerated a "sensitivity" I already had. What I would say to anyone looking to have it done, if you've got "normally" sensitive testicles,like my right side, then it's no big deal, if however you have painful testicles, like my left side,then prepare for pain!!

To add, I am someone who is accustomed to pain and is known to have a high pain threshold. Good luck.

12 Replies

I thing you should mention this to your doctor

There should never be pain when you have a gentle touch

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Hi I had a dull aching after the procedure which got worse as the day went on. It lasted for the best part of a year but did eventually go away. I think it took time for things to adjust. Good luck


I had the procedure at 9AM and flow a Lear jet to Puerto Rico that afternoon I did sit with Ice pack between Leg . But never had a Problem.


I felt the pain worse the following day when the anaesthetic had completely worn off.

But it did not last long and all was good a couple of days later.

No Condoms ! WooHoo !


Hey guys, first time writing a comment on a forum like this. I am 40 years old and just had a close ended vasectomy 15 days ago, the procedure went fine and I had the usual post op pain that is almost all gone. My problem and fear is on my sexual response: it is really difficult to get a erection, erection all not has hard, and when I am feeling pleasure it is a lot less enjoyable, it feels like the part where there is a building up sensation (maybe when your sperm goes from testies to prostate) is COMPLETELY gone... so the whole experience is i would say only 50% as enjoyable as before.



Thx guys


Im five days in after having the op and still feeling really delicate and sensitive, hope it passes really soon.


Hi Mattyj220, I hope you are fine now If not Please consult your doctor. After getting vasectomy, it's normal to have mild pain or discomfort for some days but it's not normal to have a lot of testicular pain. You can also contact vasectomy Ottawa for any vasectomy related issues.


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