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Would you have a vasectomy?


There's a new article on the Men's Health Forum site today about post-vasectomy pain:


What’s your experience of vasectomy? Have you had one? Are you considering it? Would you never do it?

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I think this article gives a very distorted perspective. For myself, I had no more pain than paracetamol would settle. I only took a few hours off work and as a GP, I can't recall any patient ever consulting me complaining of post vasectomy pain and I must have referred over 1000 people.

jimpollardAdministrator in reply to Goldfish_

I suspect goldfish that a number of GPs would say the same as you. This is a topic that men are reluctant to discuss and which social pressures mitigate against the discussion of. Sharing views, especially on taboo topics, is what a forum like this is for.

Goldfish_ in reply to jimpollard

But sharing stories of one persons bad experience is likely to cause unnecessary worry and health anxiety. But then I suppose that's also one of the things that a forum like this does

Well said. Doctors have always made light of my snip problems, some even saying it is only in the mind. What a load of bull!! This op has been the worst decision of my entire life. I was never told of the many things that go wrong. Just after my op I got to know of one poor soul who had to have life support in a major city hospital because the surgeon slipped and did a lot a damage. I don't think I say too much because this persons identity should not be compromised

Treebark in reply to bridgeworks

I also agree. This has been the single worst decision of my life. My orgasms are so drastically weaker and less enjoyable than pre-op it isn’t funny. I’m talking 70% less. My doctor acted like he didn’t even know this was possible.

Mrblobby12 in reply to Goldfish_

I had a year of severe pain and had to self pay £3000 for a reversal to get off opiate painkillers.

Royal College of Surgerons of England reference stating 15% rate is here:


British Association of Urological Surgeons, patient advice reports chronic pain in 5-15% of patients.


British Journal of Urology paper.


Here 13% + still had pain a decade after their vasectomy.

Journal of Andrology paper, explains the changes in the testicles following vasectomy and the mechanisms behind chronic pain:


Wikipedia, Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome


UK Vasectomy Rates are down 64% in ten years


Take Care


Causing anxiety is the last thing we want to do at the Men's Health Forum. There are two people in the article who have had PVP, one of whom is a doctor who has treated many others in the same situation. Personally, I've interviewed a couple of other guys with PVP too. We need to make medical decisions (and referrals) on the basis of as full a picture as possible and I think this article adds to that. It doesn't argue against vasectomies as such but perhaps they're not for all men and perhaps the open-ended technique needs to be more widely available?

I have been one of many who have suffered from P V P S . For years I found it difficult to go to the docs ( embarrassed ) but the pains are always troubling. With all contraception methods apart from sterilization, you can stop using it, if you get side effects, with a vasectomy you are lumbered. DO NOT have this outdated op.

I have recently replied to a similar comment here on the forum.

Yes immediately post op, for a few days, I found the pain to be quit severe. Apparently this is unusual, but long term I am fine. And as someone else has said, it is a price worth paying.

Hope this helps.

It was quick, easy and I have had no regrets.

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I just had my vasectomy done. The procedure was very nerve racking and the 10mg of Valium may as well have been a Pez because it did literally nothing for me. The procedure on the right testicle went flawlessly. No pain, nothing. The left though, ouch. When the clamp was put on before the hole was even made felt like someone was crushing my left testicle to the point I could hardly breathe. After some more local numbing meds, it felt better and got through it. Once the numbing stuff wore off, my right was perfectly fine no pain at all, if I didn't know better I'd say nothing even happened. The left side crushing pain came back. Not as intense but still very uncomfortable. It's too soon to rule out PVP at this point but I'm praying it doesn't get worse than it currently is, and that this discomfort goes away in a very timely manner. Anyone else experience this same thing?

Yepitme in reply to RandyAlan

I am going on 8 days and I'm really sore on my right one and its more swollen. First 2 days was as expected uncomfortable. Then it seemed like rhings was getting bett and about day 4 I kind of felt like the right ine was morecswollen and really sore. Seems to be a little worse now on day 8. Iced them ever night and that helps some. Sure hope this gets better.

I have had a similar experience. The left was very painful.

Did you have any issues after?

Hi, I’ve never put a comment on any board like this before but having a vasectomy just over three months ago I am still in pain with it. Again, it’s very much a constant throb pain. I feel it in work, at home and worse still at night when lying in bed. Some days are not as bad as others. I don’t know whether to wait it out and just pray it dies down or go to GP. Although I presume they can’t do much?

Yepitme in reply to MacMan1

Are you any better as far as pain. Really hoping this pain goes away.

Same thing going on just 5 days out any further info

Here is a subreddit describing almost the stories of almost 200 men with chronic post vasectomy pain or sexual dysfunction:


I have plenty more stories and intend to post a link to a new one every day until public attitudes finally shift and recognize that vasectomy is not as safe as doctors let on.

I had a vasectomy in November 2018. For years prior I would get epididimytis on my left side. It would clear up with prescription medicine. I was pain free about a year prior to my vasectomy. When I discussed the vasectomy with my urologist he said the pain might come back or not. The procedure itself was much less painful than I thought it would be. But my pain on the left side is back for almost two weeks. I haven't made an appointment yet. The doc mentioned removing my epididimis if it came back.

Hey guys, first time writing a comment on a forum like this. I am 40 years old and just had a close ended vasectomy 15 days ago, the procedure went fine and I had the usual post op pain that is almost all gone. My problem and fear is on my sexual response: it is really difficult to get a erection, erection all not has hard, and when I am feeling pleasure it is a lot less enjoyable, it feels like the part where there is a building up sensation (maybe when your sperm goes from testies to prostate) is COMPLETELY gone... so the whole experience is i would say only 50% as enjoyable as before.



Thx guys

I've had a vasectomy about 18 years ago and after about 8 years started to have pain in the perenial area, I would advise any man who is considering a vasectomy to think twice about it. I was never properly informed by the doctors prior to the operation about the ramifications of it, had I known I would not have had it done. I have done alot of research about it because of the pain and apparently men need to increase their zinc intake after a vasectomy. Didn't find this out till last year, and wasn't told about it in hospital. I'm seriously considering a go fund me page to get the money together to get it reversed.

I did speak to a urologist about it during a visit about a related matter and he just said you'd have to pay to get it reversed. Nobody should have to pay to have a vasectomy reversal because they have suffered pain as an after effect of the surgery especially when men aren't informed of the possible problems prior to getting the op.

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