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Urology - Getting a Diagnosis!

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Hi, I am white man, my age now is 47, I noticed about 3 years ago I was taking ages to pee (sometimes up to a minute), and I'd started to leak after going.

So I am sure like most men I sat on the problem for about a year, I then in Nov. 2016 I went to see my doctor, I described the issue and he told me it was normal and basically told me to go away.

I went away lived with the problem for another year and then went back (Nov. 2017), this time I saw a younger doctor, I described the issues and after a PSA and a digit test I got a referral.

My consultants appointment was in January 2018, I'd thought at last I'd get some answers... The consultant did a flow test, which confirmed 2 things my bladder was taking a long time to empty, and it was not emptying completely. I then had a camera, no blockage on the neck of the bladder. A flow test for which I couldn't pee past the tube!

The consultant has flipped flopped between investigations, his last was to take an MRI of my spine to ensure my impinged L4/L5 is not causing nerve issues. I asked if at the same time we could MRI my prostate to rule it out, he said NO!

I have now been passed to a different consultant and seem to be starting the process again. They seem to think because I am 47 I am too young to have major issues....

I now self catheratise twice a day to ensure my bladder does not cause other issues.

But I still don't have a diagnosis, the consultants read your notes for the 10 mins your in front of them. So what has been a 3 year journey for me has been an hour for them.

Does anybody know of a way to navigate the NHS to get seen and diagnosed within a reasonable time, or know of a speciality centre (NHS) then can have me in and out.


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Keep pushing for follow ups, my dad had same at 37 & docs ignored him and then ended up having Prostate cancer at 38, survivor of prostate cancer I should say. I also having peeing problems at 41, hesitation to start peeing & feeling of not emptying, PSA ok and digt examination fine, docs prescribed tamsulosin which has helped, saw specialist after flow test who advised retraining my bladder I.e holding my pee until bursting, keep going bud

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Thanks all for the comments, the issue is getting that diagnosis..

Which after a year I still don't have!!!

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I had the same thing about 5 years ago. It was just an enlarged prostate. Did the drugs for about a year with not much effect. Elected for surgery. They just reamed out the prostate and all is good now. Only issue was wetting a night when I didn't wake up soon enough. Still an issue once in a while. My PSA Numbers were erratic before surgery and they did a biopsy just to be sure. (THAT was Fun) but all was good. My PSA have settled down now. Good God am I the only one in the world with doctors that are on top of an issue and making sure that things are treated SAP? Sounds like everyone else I hear about has nothing but incompetent doctors around them.

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