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Urinating after circumcision


Hi guys,

Been reading through these comments I’ve rthe last few days.

Just had my op today and obviously I little nervous about everything.

My question is about urinating I had my operation at around 11am today it’s now 1am (never been a good sleeper) I have always found it has taken me a while longer than most to pee but now I have had this done and the swelling is quite substantial I am finding it very difficult to pass urine it feels like the swelling is stopping it coming out.

I can’t just about manage to go but it’s very uncomfortable and quite painful. I also don’t think I’m emptying my whole bladder.

Any advice on this? Or similar experiences? Is it normal?

FYI I Had the op done due to phimosis.

Many thanks.

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Hey man!! So sorry to hear. I’m due on Thursday morning but I think it is fairly normal. I’ve been doing lots of research prior my surgery and I think the swelling makes it so that it is hard to pass urine. It should subside in the next couple of days. You should try your best to decrease the swelling by putting an ice pack on the area and don’t forget to take your pain medicine and anti inflammatories as these will help you with the swelling, pain and make you maybe a little drowsy so you can manage to sleep tonight. It is not an easy road but you will not regret it in the ends. Lots have complained and said they hated it and wanted their initial pain/issues back as the pain from circumcision is so much worse but it does get better. Hang in there and good luck!!

How you doing now??

Hey, thanks for your replies!

The pain is calming down while urinating now which I am very glad about!

I haven’t taken off the bandage yet though as it looks very swollen and I am squeamish do you know how long the bandage should stay on for? It’s been about 36 hours now.

Also have you seen anything about keeping the penis upright while resting?

I haven’t at all as it’s now uncomfortable but now the swelling is quite apparent!

Thanks for the advice - I didn’t do much research before as I know google can be dangerous with making you feel now uncomfortable about doing something like this!

The bandage should stay for 2 days after the cut and then you can start showering but no harsh soap just let the water run on it and no rubbing. After that make sure it dries really well (use your blow dryer) and if you can I would let it air out with the penis in the upright position. Just put a gauze on and then tape it to your stomach to keep the penis in place... good luck with your recovery!! I am getting cut tomorrow morning...

Hey thanks again! I will take the bandage off tomorrow and take a look.

I can honestly say though I have felt pretty much no pain at all so don’t worry. It’s just a bit uncomfortable as I don’t want to knock it around!

I thought it would hurt a lot after the local wears off but this is the day afternoon op and no harsh pain at all.

I just hope it looks ok!

Good luck with tomorrow, don’t worry about it too much it’s not as bad as I thought.

Let me know how it goes!

Thanks so much for your feedback and wishing me good luck!! I was worried about the pain when the anesthesia and pain meds would wear off but if you say it’s just uncomfortable I can live with that lol!! I will make a post after my surgery to let people know how it went and maybe post pictures..

No worries, yeah honestly I was worried about the pain but it isn’t as bad as what you think at all.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t taken the bandage off yet but still.

I may post a pic tomorrow when I take it off because I want to know if it’s normal it does look very very swollen that’s why it was hard to urinate!

Many thanks.

Hi. Had surgery yesterday at 1500.

Dr told me that I could have this problem when urinating, basically a combination of the anaesthetics, inflammation and compressive bandage (and I would add, apprehension). Have similar issues urinating but less than you. In my case dr. told me to remove bandage after 24 h, so this evening. Hope swelling would be moderate. Scaring Halloween day. Good luck

Maybe get some advice as to how to use an intermittent catheter?

Hi, my op (also due to phimosis) was 7 weeks ago yesterday. I took my bandage off as best I could after 24 hours and then soaked in a warm bath and let it fall off as due to the blood spots etc it was sticking ever so slightly. I am very squeamish, but honestly it was fine. I found urinating for the first few days a trauma. As you say, I felt like it wasn’t going to come out, so again when I was worried I lay in a warm bath or stood in the shower to go and this seemed to help. Keep taking the anti inflammatories and stay hydrated, drink plenty!!! I found the more I pee’d, the easier it was. My issue was having to sit down to pee as it was coming out like a garden sprinkler, but sure enough after 6 weeks or so this has started to calm down to. I’m still sitting down to pee to be on the safe side (probably more of a mental thing) but everything is getting better. I found that after about week 5, healing sped up. Just take your time and done over do it. It’ll all work out! Stay strong.

You may need to have a catheter installed for a while. Ask your doctor.

Hi guys thanks for the messages.

Urinating had defo got better now still a slight pain but no where near as bad!

The selling is still very bad and bruised I took down banshee off and changed it doesn’t look too bad just swollen.

What would you recommend as a cleaning process I haven’t cleaned it yet it’s been about 48 hours when would you say I need to and how?

Also any tips on how to reduce swelling?

One other thing I am slightly woried about is that I have very very little feeling down there at the moment it’s not painful at all and it really hasn’t changed that much since after I had the op I have read that if you have too much local in one area you can cause nerve damage? Or do you think it’s befcause of the swelling?

Thanks for the advice guys!

Suraj92 in reply to Vale4646

Hey...I had my operation yesterday.advice me about cleaning and sensitivity

My op was 4 weeks ago, and due to swelling I had to urinate sitting down for about the first 2 weeks. Hell the first couple of days I pissed in the sink because it was the perfect height and bending down and standing back up was too straining. Its frustrating but after a few weeks it will all pass.

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