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Tight foreskin (17)

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Hey I'm 17 years old almost 18

And I can't fully retract my foreskin

When erect I can pull it back to a certain limit where I can see the tip of the head bulging out but the foreskin gets tight there after I've been stretching my foreskin in the shower for a week now

Should I try anything else or continue what I'm doing

My girlfriend doesn't think it's too big of a problem

But not able to retract the skin fully

Has brought my self-esteem down

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I used to be the same as you. I never pulled mine back till I was about 20 but I used to pull it back while I was in the bath fully relaxed. I'd suggest just try pulling it back every day to start stretching the skin but if nothing happens I'd go see the doctor

Alright thanks

I would consider a full circumcision. Find the best place and go for it. You will never look back

The website for 15 Square is 15square.org.uk They also help men who have been circumcised and have been damaged by it both physically and psychoogically..

Contact the charity 15 Square. This is a charity run by to help solve problems with the foreskin without resorting to circumcision. Their doctors can advise you online.

Do not listen to any of these anti circumcision bunch of nonsense. Just go cut and it will be awesome

I wont tell the user what to do, since there are options. Option 1, masturbate and stretch the forskin daily. 75% of men admit to masturbating.. the other 25% are liars. We all do it, but many are uncomfortable talking about it. Option2, see a doctor, maybe a small cut in the foreskin will do the job. Option 3 get circumcised. advantages are easier to clean so less chance of infection and a lot of women find uncut men gross (no idea why, have to ask them) and the ultimate bonus.. a lot of women go nuts sucking a circumcised penis, and will actually orgasm while doing oral.

Anyway.. there's a few options

So, even you admit it. Give an advice. Save a life

Yea ik that circumcision makes everything alot easier but I wanna keep it as a last resort

Don’t even think of circumcision. Go to willywellbeing.com to learn exactly how to fix it permanently without surgery.

Spot on. Brilliant

Hey I’m 16 and I had the same thing as you and, not to alarm you, I went to a general doctor and a surgeon and they both said circumcision would be the best so I got circumcised about a month ago now and everything’s fine. For the first week it’s pretty shit and uncomfortable but it gets better from there. And now after a month everything’s back to normal and even better to be honest, cleaning is much easier and masturbation feels nicer. So personally, I would think about getting a circumcision.

Yea ik that it's better but I just don't wanna get operated on lol

yeah fair enough lmao. if you end up having to it’s not as bad as it seems.

Wait until you get a yeast infection.... you will be begging to get operated on. You rub and scratch your wiener until the skin wear off and the itching/burning won't stop... until you get treatment.. and yes, yeast infections are more common in uncut men.

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Cas99 in reply to gbalkam

As long as you clean it you wont get a yeast infection. So why would you say that. The only way he would find out if if he didn't clean it? Make it sound like foreskin is a crime

It is coommon for a teen to have a tight foreskin. It can take several months for stretching to work. Continue to do stretching at least twice a day.

When your penis is erect, gently pull your foreskin back against the head of the penis. As the head attempts to pass through the foreskin it will stretch the skin a little. Do this several times every day and in a few weeks or months your foreskin will widen and you will be able to retract your foreskin. Do NOT force retraction. Do NOT cause yourself pain.

It works by tissue expansion. Stretching skin induces “mitosis”, which is a word that means “division of cells”. New skin cells are formed and the skin grows but it takes some time. The increase in size is permanent. Be patient and give mitosis time to work.

The important thing is to put the skin under tension several times every day so that it will grow wider.

Betamethasone valerate ointment, a topical steroid, which is available by prescription may help, but it won’t work by itself. Manual stretching is still required.








Oh okay

Thanks bro

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