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Tight frenulum/foreskin

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Hi guys, so basically im having an issue. When Im flacid I can fully pull back my foreskin to its furthest state. However, when I'm erect I can only pull it back past the head and maybe a little further before the frenulum starts to tense up.

I've had this issue ever since I was 12-13, I was never told as a child to pull my foreskin back and I only started masturbating at 13-14, but never fully retracted my foreskin when erect till I was 17. I am 18 now.

I went to see my doctor and he said it all looks fine but I'm concerned that he isn't seeing the big issue.

I cant even put my finger in my foreskin as its tight.

Does anyone know the issue?

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There is a possibility of phimosis. Go back to your doctor and insist on being referred to a urologist they will give you more answers.

It's hard trying to explain to a doctor the issue when hard because not like you an show them lol.

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Baloney. He has stated that he can retract fully.

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If you read when flaccid. If your unsure of the meaning by all means look it up.

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He stated that when erect, it skins back to just behind the glans. If so, that’s normal. Some guys have greater range. If he wants more, he can lengthen frenulum by stretching. It is not phimosis.

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Consult the charity 15 Square 15square.org.uk They have doctors who will help you solve your problem without circumcision.

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What you describe is actually normal. if you wish less tension in your frenulum, it’s easily lengthened by stretching. You may do that by skinning back to the limit while erect, applying mild tension, and holding five minutes. . Do that four or more times per day. In six weeks, you should have it fixed. Stay clear of urologists who see cutting as the only way. Surgery on the frenulum is often unsuccessful.

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I heard that if you stop stretching though that it just goes back to the way it was, is this true?

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If stretching is abandoned too soon, that can happen, and is probably the reason so many fail. Stretching must continue six weeks after goal is reached to allow new cells to form. Then 90% of the growth is retained permanently.

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I see what you said before about stretching, but how would I go about doing it? Do you just mean when Im erect, I pull back as far as it will go, hold it for a while then put it back into position?

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The method is determined by your condition and need. Two things affect retraction, the frenar band (foreskin opening) and the frenulum (banjo string inside). I can advise according to your present state. Please describe what is happening with your foreskin.

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Basically, I have no problem fully retracting the skin of the penis to its full state but I have to hold it for it to stay back otherwise it will just stay behind the gland of the penis. However, when I'm erect, I can only pull it back past the head of the gland and no further, the skin just stays behind the gland of the penis when fully erect. So basically the skin wont fully stay retracted, it would only stay behind the gland of the penis.

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MANNNNNNNNN I have the exact same problem, tell me the solutions to it please

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You know what? It’s normal. Granted, it’s a bit snug. To loosen it. insert your forefingers and gently pull the opening apart. Hold it five minutes, regripping as needed. Repeat three more times each day. It may be to your liking in as little as two weeks if you’re diligent. Continue for six weeks more, after you reach your goal. drelastic.com has a sketch of this along with other techniques such as lenthening your frenulum. The frenulum is the usual cause of retraction limits once the corona (rim) can be cleared. Do your exercises in the flaccid state.

Hit me back after you’ve done this a few times.

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If I may ask, what do you mean by forefinger on opening apart? Do you mean the foreskin tip should be stretched while the skin is retracted to its original position? Or do I have to pull the foreskin down. And has the solution been helpful?

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Insert both fingers into the foreskin opening, the gently pull them apart. Hold like that five minutes. Do it four times per day, spread through the day.

It’s illustrated at drelastic.com

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Jim you're savior am suffering from the exact same problem for the last couple of months, I never I can pull back foreskin no1 thought me.

After marriage only am suffering with my tight frenulum its so painful when I get a boner and during intercourse as well.

Before that I used to have sex with my foreskin closed.

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I just watched a documentary on Netflix, it’s called “American Circumcision”. There is so much helpful information in that movie. The movie is definitely against circumcision and pro uncircumcision. There are techniques discussed in the movie for stretching the foreskin. I would recommend the movie to anybody, male, female, circumcised or uncircumcised. it’s a real eye-opener as to how damaging circumcision can be. But also has details about stretching the foreskin which may be helpful.


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Frenuloplasty is your solution maybe ?, i had this done 4 years ago.

The problem lies in the foreskin. The foreskin is the sleeve of loose skin which covers the bulb end of the penis (the glans). One end of the sleeve grows from the base of the glans. The other end lies freely over the glans to protect it.

Sometimes the foreskin is very tightly fixed to the under surface of the penis. This can cause discomfort and sometimes pain or minor bleeding during intercourse.

The operation can be done under local anaesthetic. In this case you will get an injection of local anaesthetic at the area of the operation and this will go numb. You will feel that something is happening at the area of the operation, but you will not feel any pain.

The tight band is lengthened with a small operation; The frenulum is cut vertically and the two tiny flaps of skin that this creates are sewn into the foreskin with a couple of stitches.

If you leave things as they are, the problems may well get worse. Stretching the band does not work.

A formal circumcision to remove the whole of the foreskin is not needed.

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