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Slightly Tight Foreskin


So I can fully pull back my foreskin when flaccid easily. When I get erect, I can still pull it back over the glans fully, but once I get my foreskin all the way over my glans when erect, I start to feel pain like its too tight around the bottom part of the glans. I'm guessing my foreskin is a little tight but I am not sure.

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Yeah, he doesn’t need a circumcision, no where near 😂


You yourself can feel whether stretching is possible

Hi yes your foreskin is a little tight, it sounds loose enough where some steroid creams will work and you shouldn't need a circumcision

Search up stretching for phimosis, and maybe make an appointment with your gp or urologist and see if you can get some steroid creams if you feel you need them!

At you’ll find an array of simple exercises for you to do which will permanently fix you minor problem. Do them four times per day for five minutes each time. After achieving the ability to retract easily without pain, continue stretching six more weeks to give skin cells plenty of time to divide and grow.

If you wish, then you may stretch your foreskin or your frenulum as necessary to relieve tightness. Here is some information.

If you can pull back, then stretching, over time should help to stop the pain. Meanwhile, whilst having sex use a condom or plenty of lube.

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