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Tight Foreskin


I'm a 31 year old male, and I believe I have Phimosis or a Tight Foreskin. I have never had sex and don't plan on doing it till I'm married. I also have never had any issues, discomfort or problems when masturbating. But recently a family member had to have a circumcision because he was having sex and his foreskin wouldn't go back over the head of his penis. My foreskin doesn't retract when I am erect and i can only partially retract it when I'm flacid. I just wondering if this will become a problem when I eventually have sex and if so, is a circumcision my only option at my age?

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It will be a problem, you should examine with urologists

Your best option is to cure it now by stretching. willywellbeing.com is a site where you can learn about it and be coached.

Without a condom you won't be able to have sex. I also had to get a circumcision last year (at the age of 20).

The replies saying you will not be able to have sex are nonsense.

I was not able to pull back until my late twenties. That never stopped me having great sex and fathering beautiful Children.

If you have sex with a condom, then no problem. Put it over the whole penis shaft, foreskin and all.

If no condom then use lubricant. The only problem you may have with sex is if the foreskin pulls back whilst inside it may feel tight. This happened to me a couple of times, it was a little uncomfortable but I was able to carry on and ease it back over afterwards.

If you can partially retract then you can keep clean. Try stretching the foreskin and move onto steroid creams if needed.

If you are in pain or really worried go see Dr.

Good luck and don't worry.

Lots of guys around the world have phimosis and choose to remain intact .They can masturbate and have normal sex without any complications. I know a couple of guys who have been cut and hate it. If the foreskin is relatively tight then no bacteria can get in hence the fact that young boys never get infected under the foreskin.

Contrary to the false report about your family member, it is certainly possible to have sex with a non-retractile foreskin.

Phimosis sex

If the foreskin does not retract at all, then a man can have penetrative sex without fear of pain. If the foreskin can be forced back, then sexual intercourse may be painful if the foreskin retracts. Use lots of lubrication and limit penetration to avoid a forcible retraction. Men can have very satisfying sex with a non-retractile foreskin as this website illustrates:


If your foreskin absolutely does not retract then you can have sex without fear of pain.

Do not worry!

If your foreskin can be forced to retract but is painful, then you can

1. use lots of lube to make penetration easier and that may prevent retraction.

2. limit your penetration so your foreskin is not forced back.

3. wear a condom.

You actually have several options for treatment. Circumcision is the worst one. I think it would make sense to avail yourself of conservative treatment now in preparation for your future marriage.

Your options are discussed here:


The best option for you probably is manual stretching.


bazza13 in reply to Bucky85

I agree you can have great sex without retracting your foreskin. Because it has never been retracted it remains so sensitive. I think phimosis is cool and is much better than a retractable foreskin.

Hi, you can try stretching and see if it works sometimes it doesn't and it can take a long time you probably should go to your GP they may give you a short course of steroid creams which would help. many guys find it doesn't work and a circumcision would be your best option after that.

You are lucky to have a foreskin. You can still have sex with a foreskin like yours. don't worry about it.

Whatever you do circumcision should be a desperate last option.

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