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Tight foreskin

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I'm not long turned 21, but I've never really indulged in pulling my foreskin back as much until recently where it on opens up slightly but hurts to much to fully pull it back, do I have a problem or what?

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There are lots of similar posts on this forum offering advice. Go and see your doctor for some steroid cream. That will hopefully sort it

What do I do with this cream?

Apply to the foreskin twice daily and gently try and retract the foreskin. Often it will soften the tissues to allow retraction of the foreskin

You can buy hydrocortisone over the counter but betamethasone would be better

Just apply to the outside yeah?

Is betamethasone prescribed by the doctor?


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Just put some under the foreskin see how it helps for a week

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Hi....does it work?

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Hi there, on the Men's Health Forum, there's information on phimosis (tight foreskin) here:


and circumcision here:


As others have said, there is a lot you can do and if you look more on the forum we're on now (ie. healthunlocked/com/menshealth), you'll see that this is a very common topic so there are people on here to chat with.

I'm Nick, 53. Italian, male. I've given several times suggestions to people like you.

1. Phimosis is very common, sometimes youg males are not even conscious of it

2. You feel pain: this means your phimosis must be treated in some ways. Don't panic, your penis is OK anyway.

3. Go to a good andrologist.

4. Options: cream+some exercise; minor surgery; full circumcision

If full circumcision is necessary, again do not panic. Your penis will function as well as a non-circumcised one. Only in the first period you can feel a little discomfort due to the contact of your "naked" glans with your underwear. But after a while, the skin of your glans will become a little thicker, and it will become less sensitive. This fact, in the opinion of someone, could lead you to better sexual performances, because the reflex stimulus for ejaculation could be a little bit retarded. So you could become a "prolonged lover".

Remember: a circumcised penis works and is better than a phimotic one.

It is important you ask for advice for two basic reasons:

-sexual activity can become painful for you

-hygiene is not complete if you cannot pull your foreskin back completely. Anyway, don't force it in order to pull it back completely. Follow the consultant's advice.

Bye. Nick

Your GP will be able to refer you to the Urology dept in you local hospital.

Nick, I see in most of your posts you advise seeing an andologist. This is not a usual or familiar term to British people. The normal procedure would be to see ones GP (general pratictioner - i.e. Doctor) and from there be referred to a urologist in a local hospital. Just thought it might help to clarify.

I was prescribed betamethasone for my tight foreskin this week.. my doctor rather unusefully didn't tell me how to use it, or how often..

I can retract the foreskin quite easily whilst flaccid (although this is a quite new thing for me, within the last few months or so) but I once it's past the glans whilst erect there's absolutely no movement whatsoever.

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Hi, what do you mean by " no movement whatsoever". Thanks

Hi mate .Cant believe you have sorted getting your foreskin pulled back over your penis head. For hygiene reasons alone you must pull that skin back so you can wash those glans. You don't want to pass any infections on when your fucking someone. Take care

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