Tight Foreskin

Im 17, 18 soon. Ever since i can remember i haven't been able to fully retract my foreskin. I didn't realise it until about 3 years ago and so i went to my gp without my parents knowing as im a bit embarrassed, the doctor ended up giving a cream that helped to stretch my foreskin. It worked to a certain extent i can now retract fully while not erect but not when fully erect. Im unsure what to at this point, circumcision is a last option. before seeing my gp again i was wondering if anyone has any advice on my situation. Just to add i feel like although i havent had sex before so im dont know how this would affect that, but i'd rather try solve the problem before that. Thanks for reading.

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  • The cream you got from the GP was probably hydrocortisone cream. I've used it myself and it worked for me but had to use it for about 3 months. You can buy 1% strength over the counter at pharmacies and most supermarkets or if you want a stronger version see your GP again. Also regular stretching exercises will help relax the foreskin, do it when erect and use plenty of moisturiser like E45. It won't work over night though. As for sex, it should not make any difference, just use lots of lubricant and enjoy!

  • You may need the stronger cream such as betnovate. I note a similar post today

  • If you can't retract in erect position you may face problem after marriage . See your GP if he advises to go to a surgeon . There can be some infections in smegma which can be cured by creams also . So talk to GP and take opinion. There should not be any hurry to go for circumcision unless it is a medical requirement .

  • Thanks for the reply. I will get my gp's opinion on the matter.

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