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tight foreskin and 17


i am 17 and ever since i can remember ive had a tight foreskin...i have no issuse pulling it back while flacid, to clean it in the shower, but when its erect i cant fully retract it. what would you guys reccomend?

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See while flacid retractable for cleaning is ok.But while erected if it doesn't retract for intercourse and pleasure there may not be any problem.Unless there is pain you need not go for circumcision. Usually oral sex is not a must and hence open glans is not a requirement. But if the skin opens while inserting inside the gliding of the bundle may (not a must as it varies from case to case and mood) be useful to bring extreme sensation on the G-spot.Also you get the touches at your frenulum.You may decide after you get married. Now use some steroid cream while masturbating if the glans open while erected. Otherwise ignore as you can wash in flacid. Decide yourself. Nobody else can advise what you should do with your most important organ.Good luck.

Dear itswelshyyy

My knowledge about phimosis is limited. I'm a medical doctor, but I do not practise medicine, I'm a researcher. At your age, anyway, the foreskin should be retractable even during erection. If it does not, it can cause you pain or discomfort during your sexual activity (masturbation or intercourse). I advise you to go to a good andrologist (or urologist with knowledge in andrological problem). He will advise you if an operation is useful or helpful for you. I think your problem is not severe since you can retract your foreskin where your penis is flaccid. But today surgery has made such great advance that I know there are alternative to a full circumcision. You will see with the andrologist, but I think that, if it is possible, full circumcision should be avoid, because the foreskin is full of nerves that give you pleasure. Simpler surgical operations are today available to enlarge a little bit your foreskin without remove it. However, if circumcision should be the option, do not despair. A circumcised penis is anyway fully functional. Someone even says that circumcised men are able to prolong their pleasure (and that of their partner) because the glans skin becomes a little bit thicker so that the reflex of ejaculation is delayed: so, my advice is:1) discuss with your andrologist; 2) if possible avoid surgery; 3) if surgery is necessary, discuss the best option with your andrologist; he will probably chose the less aggressive surgery; 4) if circumcision (ablation of the all foreskin) is the best option, don't worry: your penis will work as well as an uncircumcised one, or, perhaps, even better.

You are 17. You deserve the best option. Don't postpone your andrological visit! As women go regularly to their gynecologist, all we men should go regularly to our andrologist and your age is optimal to start this very good habit. Be serene and enjoy your youth. I'm 53 and italian. I have a son of about your age. This is the advice I should give my son if he had your problem.

Please let me know what you have decided! With paternal affection. Nick

thank you for the help :)

Dear itwelshyyy

I could be your father and I have some medical knowledge. It is a pleasure if my words have helped you. I have a son of 14, so I know the adolescence can be a difficult period. And I remember my adolescence too. So: Do not let your phimosis interfere with your development. It is a very common fact. Your penis is OK. It only may require some more attention. But every male should be careful of his penis. It is a very important organ. We all have to take care of it.

An andrological visit at your age is also useful to check your testicles and your prostate. So don't delay. Chose a good andrologist and go to him. Possibly alone, because you must be free to answer to all his questions without the interference of anyone, even your parents or close friends. The physician-patient relationship must be very confident. Remember the physician can not reveal anything you have told him to anyone. It is called professional secret. So be open with him. Expose all your doubts with sincerity.

Let me know what your physician will tell you if you like. I will listened to you as a father.

Best wishes

Nick (from Italy, so my English could be a little akward!)

I don't really see you have a problem at this stage. I have had a tight foreskin all my life, well up until age 53.

It was a problem to pull back for cleaning,when flaccid and could be painful when erect. So I never forced it, it did occasionally pull back during sex and I had to gently manipulate it back.

I had to have a circumcision recently due to other health problems.

Bottom line. Do not worry about it unless it really causing you problems. It took me fifty three years !

Reeeer in reply to jaglad

Honestly thanks I’ve been worrying about this you just calmed me down thanks 👍👍

As others have intimated, do take a step back and consider your options. There are very effective steroid creams available today for topical application to a tight foreskin. This will soften the outer foreskin and release its natural elasticity, thereby allowing easy retraction.

Back in March 2001, I suffered the very same problem as you. But effective medication was not as available as it is today. I visited my GP and after examination she immediately referred me to a urologist for circumcision.

I now have a crippled penis, devoid of its foreskin.


Get some hydrocortisone or betnovate cream from your gp. That should do the trick.

I'm 14 and have exactly the same issue but I am not keen on stripping naked in front of my GP. Are you able to get creams from your pharmacy without a prescription?

Korben456 in reply to TWS752

Same issue dude

AnonymousDude in reply to TWS752

I completely agree with you here. I don't think anyone wants to be embarresed infront of someone you haven't really met. I have the same problem, so I completely think they should for our (people with the problem) benefit, but I think abuse would be frequent - causing possible harm to people.


On the Men's Health Forum, there's information on phimosis here:


As other contributors have said, there is a lot you can do short of surgery.

Hi, im cameron, im 15 and i have i tight foreskin

Its been going on for as long as i can remember and im not sure what it i have

There is a tight ring of white bumps around the edge of my foreskin which hurts when stretched, i can retract my foreskin when flaccid (not very smoothly) but when erect, my foreskin cannot retract over the glans without extreme pain

My glans also seems irritated as in some places it has patches of discolouration which are painful to the touch

I am really unsure of what to do and what i may have and any help would be much appreciated

(P.S I would like to do this without my parents knowlage as its quite an awkward thing to have to do with them and my parents wouldnt really want me worrying about my penis as they wouldnt want me to be sexually active anyway)

I have also attatched an image in my post if it helps understand my situation (explicit)

Don’t even think about surgery. Simple stretching exercises will cure you. Insert two fingers into the opening and pull it apart. Hold five minutes and repeat four times daily.

Same issue and im worried and nervious im 15 and 1 year till sex so what shoukd i do and dont fancy get my cock out i from of my gp can u still have pleasurvale sex with tight forskin

Stretch your foreskin until it glides smoothly back and forth.


I just watched a documentary on Netflix, it’s called “American Circumcision”. There is so much helpful information in that movie. The movie is definitely against circumcision and pro uncircumcision. There are techniques discussed in the movie for stretching the foreskin. I would recommend the movie to anybody, male, female, circumcised or uncircumcised. The documentary is a real eye-opener as to how damaging circumcision can be. But also has details about stretching the foreskin which may be helpful.


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