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10 days post circumcision


Hi everyone,

It has been 10 full days since I had my surgery done. I'm so glad that things have gotten better as compared to the initial few days.

I just have one concern now, the skin around the swolling ring ( below glands, but above incision line) is quite itchy. I have been applying mupirocin which is an antibiotic ointment to the ring since the first day to prevent infections.

Could anyone please let me know if I ought to be concerned? No more bleeding from the wound. Just the itch.

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Itching is the best thing to a wound: it means it is healing well. You don’t have anything to worry about. It’s usually how it is when you’re healing from within. I’m glad your recovery is going well. Hang in there..

thanks TOON!!!!

By the way, how am I supposed to clean my penis from now? I have been showering in warm water and using saline solution to spray over the wound for the past few days. Should I be using soap from now on?

Hey.. yes you should try to wash your penis with soap in the shower... it’s still very sensitive for me but it’s better to be uncomfortable for 2 minutes and not have an infection later..

Hey man I’m on day 11 and it’s itching like crazy I called the doc he said that mean it’s healing I think two of my riches came out sensitivity is almost gone and I’m happy about that I’m still not using soap but I am doing a salt soak for 4 mins to keep things flowing ... best of luck post a pic

As stated above if the incision is itching it’s healing well and as for the washing of your penis have a quick bath or shower for a maximum of 10 minutes to soak your penis do not use any soaps or try to wash you penis with soap and just pay it dry gently with a towel.

Thank you Ryan. When would you suggest using soap to wash the penis?

Btw, I'm actually having some lymphatic fluid draining out at the bottom of my shaft. Other areas are all fine now. How come this area is healing so slowly

Hi guys, I would also like to add that one area slightly below the frenulum is still leaking lymphatic fluid ( yellowish, but no smell). How come this area heals so slowly when the others are all fine now?

Hey buddy. That’s just the way it is. The frenulum is where all the nerve endings are and those kinda soft tissues take the longest to heal. I also have less head sensitivity now and no pain around the stitches it’s just my frenulum that hurts like crazy and is still super sore yet I’m on day 10... you should post a pic, good luck

Thanks TOON. I'll try to get a picture up



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