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I fucked up. I regret getting circumcised.


For those who are currently dealing with phimosis, make circumcision your absolute final option. It is an unnecessary, outdated treatment to tight foreskin. There are way better treatments found today.

I couldn't retract my foreskin so I met up with an urologist who told me to use some bethamethasone. With that I did some stretching in hope the foreskin would retract. I stretched for 3 months, a couple times a day, with no luck. That was where I went back to the urologist who gave me two options. Continue stretching or get circumcised. It was lack of knowledge, immaturity, impatience and so many things that led me to the decision of a circumcision. Or in other words, a mutilation of the foreskin.

I had a lot of shit to deal with post circumcision. This has not been good for my mental health. I had a partial circumcision and the surgeon botched it. Right now I have an asymmetric genital, something I have to live with for the rest of my life. Something that can't be fixed. I went from a temporary problem, to a permanent problem. I expected this operation to go absolutely without problems. This is something you could expect from a circumcision. And that you can't change.

Do not make my mistake. Do NOT get circumcised. I am simply writing this to help others with phimosis. I hope you found any of this helpful.

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Haha you look like those anti circumcision guys. 😂😂😂 You are so funny. Circumcision is best when you have phimosis. Strechting would not help you either. You tried and therefore you failed. So circumcision is the best thing that you have done. And asymetric?! Get used with it. The problem is not circumcision or the doctor who did the op, it is how your body heals it. 😂😂😂 And please forget about that and enjoy your new friend like it looks like now, a fucking mushroom able to give pleasure.

He's more than likely another anti-circumcision activist. They literally crawl everywhere from their caves to proclaim their anti-circumcision nonsense. That's how they work. But it is only a handful of people that time and time again skim the forums. But in this way they give the impression that they are with many.

Foreskin restoration says the other... Mutation I call it... thanks God there are people like you remaining...

Circumcision is undeniably mutilation.

Obviously not for him though, the doctors gave him a circumcision just for the money.

Sadly, money is exactly what drives the practice. Those suggesting that socialised medicine does not profit overlook the rest of the picture. Infant foreskins bring big money in the aftermarket. That’s just one industry profiting. Then consider the equipment used, creating profits for manufacturers, commissions for salesmen etc. In the private sector, profit is quite high for little effort.

I didn't pay anything to get this done. I have free health insurance.

Someone profited.

Wtf they sold my foreskin?

Yours went to the medical waste bin. The foreskins of babies are used in the manufacture of high priced face creams.


Bucky85 in reply to AnonPanda01

Your health insurance paid your doctor and he profited by it. He has money in the bank and you have one-half of a penis.

timmyboy20 in reply to Bucky85

Bucky, why being so hard on the guy and making him feel unnecessarily bad? Since he already has been circumcised, you can't "save" his foreskin. Or are you recruiting for the anti-circumcision sect?

Bucky85 in reply to timmyboy20

Everyone needs to know that the practice of circumcision is driven by money, not health, and that includes you.

timmyboy20 in reply to Bucky85

Everyone is entitled to his own opinion.

Omg Birthright. That is how they call it now?! Really?!

How insensitive of you guys, circumcision affects everyone differently, it worked out for you, but it won’t work for everyone.

I agree that it might not work, but when you got phimosis is the best way of getting rid of it. But please do not say that it is a removal from birthright or what so ever, restoration of foreskin, bwah, kind of mutation. So if you get circumcised is the best thing to get rid of phimosis. And if you get rid of it, do not worry, be happy.

That’s a dangerous false claim. Skin expansion techniques are universally accepted by all medical associations, and the apply quite nicely to enlarging the preputial orifice.

The tearing you experienced was due to yeast. Betamethasone application should always be accompanied by Clotrimazole. The steroid creates an atmosphere for yeast to flourish. Your doctor was remiss is telling you this.

Your psychological loss is quite common and should be more widely broadcast. You may find healing by becoming an advocate for the intact penis. Take a look at nocirc.org, noharmm.org and norm.org.

You can also serve the cause of protecting other unsuspecting young men by participating right here. Truth begs to be told.

WOW, are you serious man? They didn't tell me that. Fucking disgrace! So in reverse psychology, you're saying that I might have still had an intact penis today if I applied that too? Wow that just makes it even worse

Try deflecting your anger by helping other guys to avoid the path ypu took. The pro-circ crowd operates as a cult with recruitment for more victims as their objective.

Thanks man I'll check it out

It's the other way around, the anti-circumcision movement acts as a sect! Look at their methods: indoctrinating and brainwashing their members/followers!

Please don't believe him. He has never examined your penis when you suffered from phimosis. So he CANNOT know. He's only guessing. On the other hand, your doctor DID examine you and if he decided that you needed to be circumcised his decision certainly was justified.

My doctor didn't examine me. Urologists did. And because of high traffic I couldn't schedule many appointments and I always spoke to different people. The last time I saw a urologist she didn't literally speaking tell me to get circumcised, she led me into thinking it was the best option. Because maybe it was? Or wasn't. It's all a mind game and all opinions. I should've been given more information before I definitively made a decision.

Let me tell you I've been in the same boat as you. My foreskin was also too tight and I've done the exercises too and it didn't help either. The only solution was getting circumcised. At age 17 I finally got circumcised. I am glad now and don't miss my foreskin. Aren't you glad now that you no longer suffer from phimosis?

Bucky85 in reply to AnonPanda01

The word “phimosis” is derived from the Greek word that means “muzzled”. The word is used to describe the condition of having a foreskin that does not retract for any reason. Phimosis is a condition; it is not a disease. It is not life-threatening and may be left untreated in the vast majority of cases.

There are three possible reasons that cause a foreskin not to retract:

1. The tip of the foreskin is too narrow to pass back over the glans penis.

2. The frenulum is too short (frenulum breve) to allow retraction.

3. The inner foreskin is fused or adherent to the underlying glans penis.

The first cause is the most usual cause.

A male with phimosis has several options.

1. He may elect to remain as he is and do nothing. One can live a lifetime with a non-retractable foreskin. It is reported that sex with a non-retractile foreskin not only is possible, but very pleasurable.


2. He may elect to undertake manual stretching to widen the tip and/or to lengthen the frenulum. It works by tissue expansion. Stretching skin induces “mitosis” which is a word that means “division of cells”. New skin cells are formed and the skin expands but it takes some time. Complete information on that is available at:



Even a very tight foreskin can be stretched.


3. Plastic surgery. Preputioplasty is one of several plastic surgical operations that reshapes the foreskin without removing it. Preputioplasty preserves the foreskin and all of its numerous protective, immunological, sensory, and sexual functions.



Frenulum breve may also be treated by a simple plastic operation either to lengthen the frenulum or to cut it.


4. Circumcision is a radical operation that amputates more than 50 percent of the skin from the penis. It destroys the 20 protective, immunological, sensory, and sexual functions of the foreskin. It is now considered to be an operation of last resort, to be used when conservative treatment fails.







In fact, my doctor was against me. He said it looked normal and that I should have just continued with the exercises. But why would I believe him, he's not the urologist.

Indeed, a GP is no specialist. An urologist is. If the urologist says it's better to get circumcised then there must be a good reason. The exercises work seldom despite what the anti-circumcision lobby proclaims.

Urologists are primarily surgeons. Let that sink in.

Bucky85 in reply to jimfromcalif

Surgeons make money by doing surgical operations.

jimfromcalif in reply to Bucky85


Have you considered that you have a foreskin for a reason? Removing it takes away 20,000 nerves which impart pleasurable sexual feelings. Having no protective covering, the glans grows a thicker layer, in the manner of a callous. That process, keritinization, insulates the nerves in the glans from stimulation, thus dulling sexual feeling. In a few months after circumcision, the glans loses its soft, smooth texture and pink color to a leathery texture, grayish pink in color.

The foreskin restoration movment began back about 35 years ago. At that time, one commercially produced device was offered, and 35mm camera film cans were used with a couple of methods employing medical tape. Today, there a many commercial devices, dozens of restoration forums, formal organizations with meetings around the world, several books about the subject, and countless private interactions available to victims. The estimates of participation in foreskin restoration is in the tens of thousands.

That the process requires meticulous attention daily for up to five years, is testimony to the fact that tens of thousands of men feel profound loss.

The potential would have been there. Success would have depended upon your stretching technique and frequency.

Eventually your Phimosis would have gotten as bad as mine, almost unable to pee since the opening was shut. Circumcision was my best choice and I don’t regret it.

If you had cleared up the cause (90% is yeast) and done some stretching, you could have kept your foreskin. Regret will come in time as sensitivity loss become apparent.

Barack, I think Jim is right. My phimosis wasn't as bad as yours, though. My opening wasn't that shut and could get retracted about 1/4 of the head before it hurt. The problem that ultimately led to my circumcision was the tearing foreskin. Beforehand I was doing the stretching 1-2 times per day and 3 months in I saw no results. That was where I went to the urologists again in which they told me I would probably need a circumcision.

I ended up getting a partial circumcision, which was probably the dumbest one you could get because that should apparently only give you more problems. They ended up cutting a little more away so it almost looks like a full circumcision. It's probably also called a Low and Loose circumcision.

At the end of the day I think my consent was a mix of a lot of things.

Uninformed urologists, impatience, immaturity - a mix of emotions.

If I knew more/knew better, I would've never had gotten circumcised.

Bucky85 in reply to AnonPanda01

Urologists make lots of money doing circumcisions. Asking a urologist if you need a circumcision is like asking a barber if you need a haircut.

jonblane in reply to AnonPanda01

But you might have had other problems, eg the phimosis could have gotten worse.

Honestly I am not sure you are best qualified to say it was all a big mistake.

You did try the stretching and it didn't work.

I would be surprised if the doctor casually agreed to do the surgery completely contrary to your medical needs and thus contrary to his Hippocratic oath.

Jim, I hate to burst your bubble, but no, I have not lost any sensitivity, my sex life is the best I’ve had now, and do not regret my decision to get circumcised at all. As a matter of fact, I wish I’ve done my circumcision much earlier in my life. I strongly recommend to get one if in need.

The charity 15 Square in conjunction with colleagues in Finland is currently training consellors and psychotherapists to deal with the psychological damage caused by circumcision. If you are based in the UK they may be able to help you.

Thanks man

If your thinking of circimcision to treat phimosis ignore this dude, he's not got a clue about anything, stretching doesn't work to permanently fix phimosis as he realised, if you have it like I did your just unlucky , people are born with far worse conditions though, circimcision is the only way to fix it and you will feel a lot better after it, trust me I know

jimfromcalif in reply to DannyDi

Using your ignorance to influence other to mutilate their bodies is reckless and dishonest.

So Jim, anyone that doesn’t share your beliefs is reckless and dishonest? Why? A bit narrow minded don’t you think?

Bucky85 in reply to barackmyass

Circumcision is outmoded as a treatment for phimosis. There are several better treatments available today. Jim is doing a public service by telling people the truth that the medical profession is concealing.

barackmyass in reply to Bucky85

Bucky85 and Jimfromcali are activist pushing their personal anti-circumcision issues on this board. Please report them to administrators.

Bucky85 in reply to barackmyass

If you follow my links, you will see that I am simply presenting information. Why are you following this discussion?

barackmyass in reply to Bucky85

So as not to let activists like you propagate their one sided agenda on these public sites. Got it?

Bucky85 in reply to barackmyass

You seem rather belligerent and opposed to freedom of speech and the distribution of information.

barackmyass in reply to Bucky85

No, but rather you oppose anything but your biased views.

Your views are quite biased. 70% of the world’s males are intact and intend to stay that way.

I speak from evidence and scientific proof of hundreds. You have experience of one.

Sure you do...

Sure you are...and everything you read in the internet is true.

The internet did not exist when my studies began, nor did the resistance movement. I have a personal library of books and articles which discuss both sides. Many are written by physicians.

Exactly what is your skin in the game? Why do you object to natural methods of healing? Shouldn’t a man be given the whole truth?

Because it’s his decision and you should respect it. Not deflect it.

If you really mean that, why are you here?

I'm sorry to disagree. I've done the stretching a long time myself and I can assure you that it didn't work. I know that the anti-circumcision activists say that I wasn't persistent enough or did something wrong but that wasn't the case. It simply doesn't work for a lot of men!

Bucky85 in reply to timmyboy20

It works for others. I have to assume that you did not work the programme.

jimfromcalif in reply to Bucky85

That’s part of the problem. The other factor is untreated skin disease.

Bucky85 in reply to timmyboy20


Here is the way you should have done it.


Have you done weight-training? When your biceps grew, did the skin covering them also grow? Ever observe a person getting fat over a period of time? Did the skin covering the stomach grow?

Hey Jim, I believe the skin grows with foreskin restoration but phimosis is something totally different. The phimosis string isn't that flexible as normal skin is. If the condition of phimosis isn't too severe stretching could work with some men but if it's too tight it won't. In my case and in the case of so many others it didn't work though I did the stretching very precisely and with dedication.

The frenar band is more challenging to some, but not impossible. There’s a small muscle which expands and releases. It’s actually a sphincter, a body part we’re familiar with, one we also know is expandable. The challenge in encouraging growth stems from the nature of the band and its purpose. It’s there to cause the opening to close. That’s the reason I recommend applying tension four times per day. Frequent tension eventually breaks down the tendency to tighten. In highly resistent cases, devices worn for long periods work beautifully. Flesh tunnels are generally the device of choice. Phimocure.net offers a package of various sizes ranging from pinhole to 3.8mm or thereabouts. For those having issues with success, numerous online groups and forums offer support.

Foreskin restoration does not involve a frenar band, so in that respect, it is easier, but it also lacks the creation of a taper, although one does form with some guys.

I believe that the anti-circumcision activist here have never suffered from any of these issues. But you are a free individual to decide whatever you think it’s right for you and your body.

If you realize what doctors in the US make for performing a circumcision paid by insurance, you would be surprised to learn how little it is.

Do what’s best for you.

Circumcision of an adult in the US ranges from $1500-2500, for 1/2-1 hour work. The tools and supplies used generate profit. When done in a hospital, the rent of the operating room generates revenue. If covered by insurance, the insurance company profits. Personnel doing paperwork get paid. When done to infants, each foreskin is sold for $200 to companies which either put them into high priced face creams sold at high profit, or use them to generate new artificial skin. One foreskin can generate enough skin to cover a football field. Estimate of that market range $1-2 billion per year.

Infant circumcisions cost $200 and take from 5-15 min each. That’s at least $800 per hour and can generate an extra $50K income for an average OB or pediatrician who both do them.

It’s about the money.

Wrong. That’s what they charge the insurance companies. But, what they get from them is about $250. Call any health insurance company in the US.

Circumcision of adults is often not covered by insurance.

Yes they are if due to Phimosis or any similar cause. Read.

No need to challenge me to read. I’ve read everything there is to read since about 1958, including ancient articles. I know all the arguments on both sides, and from the evidence available, I’ve drawn conclusions. Anedotal evidence overwhelmingly supports the scientific evidence which leans toward not circumcising. Practice in the US is an enigma, not a proven science. That most males in the US are circumcised only proves the theory of financial gain, not medical necessity or benefit.

Thanks for the report. Stretching helps most men. I don't know why it did not work for you.

One needs patience. It takes time to stretch, but one retains one's foreskin.

If you allowed yourself to be circumcised, then yes, you did fuck up.

If you really want a foreskin back, then non-surgical foreskin restoration is the only way to go.

Foreskin restoration.

Some men who are involuntarily circumcised do not like their state of foreskin deprivation. Foreskin restoration was invented thousands of years ago to rectify that unfortunate situation.

Foreskin restoration was known in ancient times and is mentioned in the Bible. The process was carried out in Biblical times by Jews who wanted to look like Greeks. The process was lost but rediscovered about 1970 by men who objected to having been circumcised without their consent. Many still do not know that foreskins can be restored.

The decision to restore one's foreskin is a personal decision. It depends on how strong one’s feelings are about one’s unwanted non-voluntary circumcision, because foreskin restoration by tissue expansion is somewhat slow. Some men think it is worthwhile to restore and others don't think so. The process is slow and not for everyone. One must feel strongly about the desire to have a foreskin

Surgical foreskin restoration has been tried but does not give good results. Moreover, some men have had very serious complications from surgical foreskin restoration. The favored method is non-surgical foreskin restoration.

Non-surgical foreskin restoration can only proceed as fast as skin can grow. The human foreskin is a double layer of skin so two inches of skin must be grown to have one inch of visible foreskin. Many circumcised men do not fully understand how much tissue was amputated and how severely they were injured by circumcision

Some believe that foreskin restoration goes much faster when one is young because there is more growth hormone in the body. The stretching causes tissue expansion and permanent growth of the length of your foreskin.

One does well to start young when there is more growth hormone in the body, because the skin probably grows faster and you will have more years to enjoy your new foreskin.

Nonsurgical foreskin restoration works by "tissue expansion". When traction is applied to skin to keep it under tension, the skin reacts by expanding to relieve the tension. New skin cells are formed and the skin under tension expands. This is a permanent increase. Cells divide to create two skin cells out of one. The process is called "mitosis". The time taken for cells to divide limits the speed of foreskin restoration.

For foreskin restoration the shaft skin is placed under longitudinal tension or traction, which causes it to expand so as to make it longer. Traction is applied to the residual skin to put it under tension. The skin reacts to relieve the tension by mitosis and tissue expansion. In tissue expansion, mitosis (cell-splitting) increases the size of the skin and permanent increase in length occurs.

As the shaft skin gets longer, one starts to see little wrinkles in the skin. As elongation continues, skin will start to pile up in the coronal sulcus. Then, with increasing length, the shaft skin will start to lap over the head in a little fold. This is the start of the new foreskin. Since a double layer is needed, quite a lot of skin must be created.

Continued stretching and skin expansion will eventually cover the head of the penis with foreskin. Over the longer term, it is possible to create a foreskin that is long enough to cover the erect penis.

Foreskin restoration improves appearance. As the foreskin lengthens, the scar from the circumcision is covered over and disappears. The result is a very natural appearing foreskin that is very difficult to distinguish from a natural foreskin.

The procedure does not use drugs or surgery and the medical profession is not involved in any way. Non-surgical foreskin restoration is very safe and painless.

The restored foreskin keeps the glans penis moist and sensitive. The layer of keratin on the glans of the circumcised penis sloughs off after a period of constant coverage by the restored foreskin. The surface becomes softer to the touch.

Foreskin restoration cannot restore the frenulum, nor can it restore the heavily innervated ridged band, however, a restored foreskin does have sensation. Morever, the increased skin mobility allows better stimulation of the remaining nerves.

Non-surgical foreskin restoration has beneficial sexual and emotional effects.

Foreskinned males who have short, inadequate foreskins may use the same techniques to lengthen their existing foreskin.

There are now several good devices on the market to make foreskin restoration go faster.

Search the Internet for "foreskin restoration" for more information.

You do not need to see a doctor. Doctors don't know anything about non-surgcical foreskin restoration and cannot help. A doctor might discourage you.

It is probably better if you don't tell your parents. After all, they had you circumcised and it would be likely to upset them.

You can start with manual stretching just with your hands or with surgical tape, which is very inexpensive. You should be able to do your restoration in four years.

Men who have restored report an increase in sensation.

Good luck!









You are not alone.

Circumcision experience





I'm not deleting this thread because AnonPanda01 is sharing something useful but some of the comments are getting dangerously close to abuse. Let's all take a deep breath, guys. The Forum's advice on circumcision can be read here: menshealthforum.org.uk/circ...

You could also check out the pinned post on circumcision.

Your constant badgering qualfies you as the troll.

And you are not?

I’m an expert on the topic.



Replies turned off as this now need to be on: healthunlocked.com/mensheal...

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