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Circumcision - foreskin attached?


Hi All,

I recently got circumcised - had phimosis all my life and never been able to retract foreskin past the head so I’ve never really known what a normal penis should be like

I always assumed that the outer skin should be unattached at the top and move loosely over the shaft to the bottom. However since circumcision it’s basically attached just behind the head - I can masturbate by moving the excess skin up and down but it’s still essentially attached at the top. Is this right or do I need another procedure?

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When exactly were you circumcised?

Lpmj in reply to Hidden

Hi, it was 3 weeks ago

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You should probably avoid masturbation and sex until it looks like it’s FULLY healed maybe 4-6 weeks post op is a good time. In my opinion I think your masturbating a bit too early, but I could be wrong as everyone heals at different speeds

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And with regards the masturbation, your skin may feel tighter this is normal after circumcision or so I’ve been told. So try use lube maybe.

The skin should be attached right behind the glands, (less then 5mm past the rim).

After being circumcised masturbation is very different in the sense that this is not a lot of skin to play with. I was cut all American tight and when erect there is no mobile skin.

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