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Hi guys I’m 25 and been told I need to have a circumcision due to tight foreskin I had my pre op today and they told me I’m good to go on the sat for the full op safe to say I’m absolutely bricking it due to the nature of the op I was given the usual leaflet about what to expect and advice etc etc but I figured those r just words and it would be easier to speak to people who have been through it so The reason I’m here is mainly for advice from people who have had it done and how they feel about it and how there recovery is goin?

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First week sucked.

Second week sucked more because I was expecting it to heal better but it didn't.

Third week better by far, most stitches and leaking is gone.

Fourth week, back to normal use. Loved that my penis now smells great 'no stanky smell due to phimosis' and now when I pee there ain't any residue. Everything is clean.

Haven't tried sex yet, but it should feel great.

Had regrets at the first week due to slow healing and frustration due to not being able to do anything normally. Was also depressed at that time. But when it gets tough, just think of it like this, there are people who were born without arms and legs. If they can get through it, you can too. That being said, I wouldn't want a second op done. Lol

Still have small swelling ring and bumps around where the inner foreskin was fused with the shaft skin, but it doesn't hurt or sensitive at all. Will know soon if the lady likes this new 'ribbed' penis sensation lol.

Also, if you had phimosis before, your head will become larger and thicker. Also your jizz will now shoot out. It is cool. I'm still pretty amazed with it every time. I'm like a kid with a new toy

I, as a girlfriend from a sircumsized boy, 7 months ago, agree with Bbbbbbbdgh (strange name) My boyfriend it was just the same. You will have some difficult few weeks and thereafter you wil be happy you did it!

Yes. I was really thankful for my gf's support at the time. She kept me sane and help with the anxiety and depression a lot. Especially the first few days when I can't even wear anything, she brought me food alot of time. Really thankful for that. Steve, find someone you can depend on, be it family, friend, gf, or wife. It'll help a whole lot.

Steve93 in reply to Bbbbbbbbdgh

Sorry for late reply first chance I’ve had been working all day Cheers mate heard that the head becomes larger and thicker but wasn’t sure if that was a load of shit or not lol can’t say I blame u not wanting a second op lol I don’t even want the first but sadly docs gave me no option just hope it will be worth it in the end but like u said if people can survive without been born with arms and legs etc I’m sure I can survive this

Bucky85 in reply to Steve93

The options are manual stretching and preputioplasty. You had best find another doctor.

Everyone below is spot on. Only thing to add is ice compressions every 4 hours for 20mins helps swelling. I also took arnica 10c pipules for internal healing bruising. Available from any good pharmacy.

For me the actual Op' was pretty straightforward, I had general anesthetic and was very nervous beforehand. Anesthetic still working on first day, but when it wore off pain was pretty intense so do not be afraid to take painkillers.

Key is to keep things still, less movement equals less pain.

It can be a long road but it does get better.

For me I wish there had been an alternative, but if needs must ...

Good luck

Bbbbbbbbbdgh- you had some really good and reassuring info

Is this something you want, or would prefer to solve the problem without surgery?

Steve93 in reply to jimfromcalif

Unfortunately I need the surgery

jimfromcalif in reply to Steve93

That isn’t what I asked. Would you rather remain intact? Why do you believe you need it?

Steve93 in reply to jimfromcalif

I would rather it be left alone but like I said not got a choice in the matter as doc is advised me to get the op or get cancer later on in life

Mclrn612 in reply to Steve93

Steve you have been very badly advised please go to a pro intact urologist as soon as possible and cancel your surgery appointment!! Tight foreskin and phimosis have nothing to do with cancer!! If you're absolutely must have some type of surgery at a pro intact facility I would do a dorsal slit.

porkie64 in reply to Mclrn612

Listen to the doctor they know what they are talking about,I had mine done with minor discomfort and no painkillers and all healed well

Bucky85 in reply to Steve93

Your doctor is wrong about the cancer.

jimfromcalif in reply to Steve93

No honest doctor would ever use the cancer scare.

jaglad in reply to Steve93

For me to they said there was a high risk of Penile Cancer or it could be Zoon's Balantitis. The cure for both was circumcision ?

The zoons was not causing any real problem, just some discomfort. But I panicked when cancer was mentioned. I wish now that I tried other methods and did more research.

Only you can decide, but when it's gone it's gone.

Good Luck.


Experience yourself

It will be fine. Modern methods are great now. Go for it, I have no regrets and my wife loves it so much

Circumcision is an awful, destructive operation. It is becoming outmoded as a treatment for non-retractile foreskin.

There are alternative ways of curing non-retractable foreskin. The best is manual stretching. Here is the way it is done:

Unless you have many adhesions between the foreskin and the glans, it should go ok. I had many adhesions and my glans was left basically in raw skin, like if the head of your penis was dipped in acid, I’m not kidding! Been 6 weeks and I’m almost 70% recovered in that area. I’m guessing it will take 2 to 3 more weeks for the glans to fully heal. I finally found a way to protect the raw glans with the use of surgical non stick gauze membrane that I found at a medical supply store. My urologist plus another one I consulted with, could not recommend anything other than Vaseline and lanacaine. It’s been a ride, but I’m finally seeing that the end to this painful episode is coming soon...good luck.

A program of stretching would solve your problem permanently with no pain, no complications, and no recovery.

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