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Thinking about circumcision

Hi guys, ive been thinking about circumcision for a while because if i do not retract my foreskin every day then it becomes a bit tight and painful to retract, also once it got stuck behind the head of my penis and i couldnt get it back forward, it didnt swell but was quite uncomfortable as it hadnt really been back before, has anyone had the same type of experience and had a circumcision, if so what was it like and i would also like to know what women think of a circumcised penis and if it is better or not. Thanks colin

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Hi I’m 17 and was circumcised around 3 weeks ago and every nurse and doctor asked me the same question about whether I had ever retracted my foreskin and it had gotten stuck which they said was called paraphimosis and needs to be treated. So I think this may be must for you to be honest but steroid creams could work too if you don’t wanna go for the full circumcision.

I’m not gonna lie, getting circumcised was not fun.

I was fine for a day or two but once I took the dressing off everything touching off it was horrible, not even painful as such just severe discomfort but after a week or so it starts getting less sensitive and it just starts getting a lot easier in general

I think the worst for pain was the night time erections they woke me up around 3 or 4 times a night with the pain but these weren’t a problem after the first week. The stitches on the glans itself were also bad for pain as it would get caught in everything and was severely painful if it got tugged on! But once those stitches dissolve/fall out (around week 2 for me) I found there was v little pain down there at all!

Since I couldn’t be retract my foreskin at all the whole surgery was completely worth it as everything is healing and going to how it should be so I’m very happy I chose to get it done!

And as regards looks wise; I’ve asked my female friends and even shown my male friends just because they were curious and they all think a circumcised penis looks a lot better than uncircumcised so we’re winning in that department too!

Along with the aesthetic of a circumcised penis there are so many medical benefits to it as well so if you’re even considering circumcision I would recommend you go for it you won’t look back!

Hope this helps!

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If you have the issues you described then it sounds like a circumcision is a good solution to your problems. You should consult your urologist and based on what he will be able to examine and you tell him (and trust me all details are important) he and you might be able to come up with the best solution for your issue.

There might be a few women on men's health forum but let me at least tell you this, I've been told and the women I know (which doesn't mean all women) prefer a circumcised penis over an uncircumcised penis.

Plus a circumcised penis has a lowered sensitivity so you will last longer before reaching and orgasm which is also a bonus for the ladies.

However the fact whether someone prefers the look of one over the other should not overrule your health so always pick on what is the best option for you.


As for the circumcision itself, if you have questions I am here so you can ask and also have some tips if you want to hear them.


Circumcision removes more than 1/2 of the nerves which give sexual pleasure. While not felt initially, it’s inevitable that the loss of sensitivity is real. Avoid doing it.

Read through the other threads to learn of methods of exercise which will enlarge your foreskin opening to permit retraction. You can fix this permanently in as little as two months, the same period of time healing from surgery woul take.

As for women, consider that intact men having sex with women comprise about 70% of the world’s males. The women are not complaining.


What jim said would be the easier option I would say but for some people it doesn’t work (including myself) but yours doesn’t sound like a v bad case so you might get away with just doing the stretches and using steroid creams but id be prepared to hear you need to be circumcised just incase!


It generally is preferable to try conservative treatment to see if it works before opting for radical surgery.


The law of nature requires skin and mucosa to grow when put under tension. When someone claims it doesn’t work, it’s either because of skin disease or insufficient effort. Yeast is easlily treated, and effort can be increased. Frequency and daily effort are tantamount to success. Bottom line is that stretching always works when the rules are applied.


I had to have mine done due to other health issues and I wish there had been an other option. All healed fine now and working pretty much as it should, but for me sex was definitely better with my foreskin. My wife is not really bothered of how it looks, though she did say it felt thinner ? To me it actually looks bigger.

We are all different and if it is better for you, go for it. But I would suggest trying stretching first. It is ultimately your choice, choose wisely.


Circumcision is extremely harmful of sexual pleasure and should be avoided. Manual stretching is the way to go.



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