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Post circumcision 25th day 95% back to normal


Issues still remaining:

Some spraying of urine usually at start and end of peeing(also

urine flying at odd angles sometimes, so have to pee sitting).

Some swelling around frenulum area.

Went to gym first time yesterday. 2 hrs weights @ about 75-80% max weight(did not want to take any risk). Absolutely no issues.

Also did jogging/eliptical/bikes 90mins. Again no issues.Hardly

very little sensitivity. Had at least 4-5 heavy erections last night could hardly sleep, but thankfully no pain. Just to be on the safe side did not jerk off. Difficult but no jerking till 6 weeks as per my surgeon(actually he told no erections but I really cant control my little johnny !).

Overall feeling great.

I was somehow very afraid of circ surgery. But now I realize it

is a very very minor surgery(I had ACL knee surgery before, compared to that circ is definitely walk in the park).

As a after thought I feel I should have done it before. Tried stretching

for phimosis for almost 4 months. But no improvement. Things got worse.

The stretching exercises(the right technique I mean here) I think is really

difficult. I have been gyming sincerely for 25 yrs and my personal feeling is doing the stretching correctly is not easy(doing it wrongly will create more scar tissues and worsen phimosis). So if want to try stretching exercises do it very carefully and more importantly correctly.

For people who is due for circ surgery I can say don't worry at all.

It is a very very minor surgery and you should be back to normal in 3 or max 4 weeks provided you don't have health complications or your surgeon screw it up.

Thanks and all the best.

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Thanks a lot. Yes I just want to wait it out now.

Somehow being away from gym for so long was making me

depressed. Even after my ACL surgery I had gone to gym in crutch

just after a week(it was snowing,totally stupid and foolish,but I was just 30 yrs

then and thought myself as Tarzan how stupid isn't it,i even fell once luckily no damage).

But the gym workout really has charged me up.

I just hope I can manage to go to gym till my last day. I simply love the gym

most in my life.

Thank you. What you say is 100% correct. Somehow I get carried

away with the weights. I think I will restrain myself from the gym

for may be a week or so till my swelling completely goes.

I am somewhat concerned about muscle atrophy if I don't

go to gym for more than 10-15 days. It has taken me so

long and so much hard work to build my muscles I am really

scared to loose them. But I guess I cant afford any complication

with johnny boy!

I am glad it worked for you.

bapichat in reply to Bucky85

Thank you so much. You have been so helpful.

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