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I have been putting off posting this as I was unsure how to describe and if it appropriate. But here goes...

During Sex my Wife often gets VERY Wet, whilst this is a turn on to think I can get her THAT excited it can often leave me with little feeling. This can result in loss of erection.

Pre Circumcision a quick pull would have me hard again but now that does not work so well. I also suffer from cold hands which I am told is due to poor circulation.

Is it possible that my inability to maintain an erection is due to poor circulation ?

Has anyone got any tips or recommendations to improve circulation or maintain my erection ?

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Hi Jaglad,

1) Have you tried Cialis?

2) Have you got an doppler ultrasound of your penis to check it's circulation?

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jaglad in reply to mtzrn

Hi, thanks for the quick response. I have used Viagra and Kamagra with good results but it is not something I want to relay on.

Would a doppler work for the penis ?

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mtzrn in reply to jaglad

The doppler ultrasound is just an imaging test to see how the circulation of your penis is working. Your doctor should be able to tell if the problem is due to circulation from it. If that is the case, I'm sure he'll be able to prescribe something for improving circulation or maybe tell you to change your diet or habits.

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jaglad in reply to mtzrn

Ok, Thank you

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mtzrn in reply to jaglad

No problem! Good luck!

Wetting is not bad. It's an indication for sexual stimulation and facilitate gliding of penis. ED is related with circulation. Try Megalis 10 one hour before planned intercourse.

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jaglad in reply to

Hi, is Megalis similar to Viagra ?

Circumcision causes lots of sexual issues. You are not alone.

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jaglad in reply to Bucky85

Unfortunately the bad points are not well known.

Viagra is cidenafil citrate, Megalis is a better drug Tadalafil

Just had a quick google of Boric acid, is it safe to drink ?

I have tried cock rings but with no success. I found them uncomfortable.

May-be that is something that I should try again.

Hi there split a blue pill into 4 and take a quarter hey bob s ur uncle solid boabie

Thanks. Bob is indeed my uncle !

I do use them occasionally but would like to save it for 'special' occasions and rely on something more natural for regular use.

Circumcision cuts blood vessels and does interfere with circulation in teh penis. It also does a a whole lot more destructive things.


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