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Penis Leaking small amounts of liquid/slightly inflamed tip of penis NOT AN STD I GOT TESTED

Someone please tell me if this is Going to go away I think some sort of soap or ...

3 months post Circumcision - still swollen a lot

It have now gone 3,5 months after Circumcision and it still swelled a lot. It ge...

5 weeks post circumcision - opinions needed on scaring and frenulum

Hi guys, So I'm 5 weeks post op due to having phimosis and having a circumcision...

Should I be concerned? (Swelling)

I was circumcised back on June 3rd of this year for phimosis (I’m from the U.S)....

How my frenulum looks now

Ok so the hair is well annoying because I can't get rid of it without potentiall...
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