Pain and tightness a month after circumcision

I had an adult circumcision 4 weeks ago. However, when I have an erection now I still have intense pain due to the tightness of the scar. It feels and looks just like the tight phimotic ring that I was trying to get rid of, and which has given me hell for 25 years. I am utterly depressed. Is this normal or has the circumcision not worked?

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  • Go back to your doctor to chat about it. Healing takes time but if there is a problem there they will be able to help better than anyone on here. Good luck

  • Like you, I was circumcised as an adult. but did not experience your precise problem.

    It seems to me that in your case, too much foreskin was cut away. The more that's removed, the tighter the circumcision. This can affect an erection and be very painful. But give it time...the pain will lessen as months go by.

    There is further hope for all circumcised males who regret their circumcision as I do. We may be able to actually restore a severed foreskin in the future! See this following link -


  • After four weeks the pain should have subsided so you need a post operative check-up preferably with the consultant who performed the circumcision. Mine was booked in two months afterwards. I was advised it takes six months for the ring of skin stitched to adjust to its new shape and exposure. After theee months I still find it is sensitive. Be patient and get yourself checked out

  • Four weeks seems a bit soon to be concerned just yet. I was advised it would be at least six before recovery. But if you are in pain definitely go back to see the Surgeon or your Doctor.

    Good luck

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