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Healing fast


So just an update, I had my circumcision done 3 weeks tomorrow and after 2 weeks had to get my stitches removed because my body was rejecting them. But now it's almost 3 weeks and last night had sex because I couldn't wait any longer and it was great. No pain at all. I can only attribute it to only wearing loose pants to prevent any irritation and using polysporin constantly through out the day since day one.

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Looks like a really neat job.

Hey dude, just be careful having sex and masturbating. I’m at the same stage in terms of scarring, but I’m coming to the 4 week mark on Saturday so a little ahead in time. I know now the wound’s closed up and it looks healed but just be aware that the scar tissue will still be building and it will take the full 6 weeks for it to be 100%. So don’t go too over the top with it or you may encourage it to rip. By all means enjoy yourself though! Looks great.

Calabsv in reply to RoryU

Thanks for the advise. I've decided not to do it again for that reason. But was good to get it out. There's no way I could last 6 weeks but least now can go another 3. You have any pictures so I can see your healing out of curiosity

RoryU in reply to Calabsv

I can put one up and share my progress yeah

I wish i was you @calabsv I’m on 4 weeks today non of my stitches have come out

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