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Circumsion healing question

My son has a re circumcision 10 days ago today. His Dr has me pulling the skin back to expose the stitches and apply Neosporin. My question is did any of you have to do this? For how long? I fine it weird that there is something to pull back as it does not look like a normal penis at the moment

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It is normal. Unless you pull you may not be able to see the stitches. So to apply neosporin you need to do this. If you apply Neosporin H it may heal faster.


Okay thank you! I guess it was just weird to me cause when he was born he was circumsied and it didn't have the extra skin but by the time he was 4 months it didn't even look like he had been circumsied so he had to get it done again when he was older and now had the skin over the stitches. He is now 11 days after surgery and his shaft is still swollen but I've read that could last weeks.


I was circumcised as an adult and for me there is excess skin, I assume this is to allow stretching when erect. So when flaccid the skin roles forward and would cover the stitched area. So that sounds normal, the only question I would have to ask, is it necessary to apply anything. Given that I and most of those who have had the Op' dis-solvable stitches where used and come out naturally over a few weeks.

I do hope all is well with your Son and heals soon.


Most of the stitches are trying and falling out I keep finding them in his underwear. I'm sure on the Neosporin hlhis Dr said twice a day so the skin didn't stick over the stitches in assuming idk.

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Thanks for your reply


What do you consider a normal penis to be ?


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