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Help the skin doesnt go back

Ok so im a bit concerned about this. Im 18 years old now but whether im rock hard or soft theres always a a bit of tight skin on the end of my chap. It doesn't pull back in any cirCUMstance.

Im most worried about whether this will be an issue when i get down to business with a girl. Also i cant help but think that self-service would be better also.

I have read that if you put cotton buds down the skin and gently push it apart that can work, bit im not going to try that in case it causes blood to spray from every orifice.

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Depends on the length and tightness of the foreskin, some people find stretching and/or cream helpful, while circumcision might be required for others. This is something to talk to your doctor about.


If you put your thumb and finger together the skin blob is about that tall.

I saw a doctor today and im being referred to a urologist in about 4 weeks.

Im still worried ill have to have surgery, which will make sexual experience unsatisfying :((


still reading about the methods. i have read that circumcision can reduce sexual pleasure so i dont want that.

im not sure about dorsal slits, and the doctor couldn't give me any steroid cream. i have also read about preputioplasty but im still unsure about that as well.


Whether circumcision leads to unsatisfying sexual experience really depends on who you talk to. For some people it might be so, for others not so much. If the problems you are encountering recur regularly, would you rather be using cream and/ or stretching for months or years, or would you rather get to the bottom of the problem and be done? It really is a personal choice.


Of course you are going to hear stories that circumcision will ruin your sex life click circumcision on google and 95% of the response you will get is from Anti circumcision sites.

I am circumcised and from the UK, so that is quite a rare thing (so i am lead to believe) and it has never ruined my sex life.

You have to think about your health first and foremost, we in the UK have a massive hang up over circumcision and think it is wrong leading many men to suffer years and often decades of a uncomfortable tight foreskin, ruined sex life. I think you need to listen to what your GP or Urologist has to say. You may not have to be circumcised, but you might have to be. Trust in what the medical team have to say and i am sure it will work out for you.


You can buy hydrocortisone cream over the counter which may help it settle


Firstly, I would say definitely do not put cotton buds down there. Pull gently with your fingers in bath or shower or try the creams that can be available. As for circumcision, having been through it, I would leave as a last resort. Sex for me was better before, but many will tell you for them it is better now. Look at other options first, but if you need it, you need it !

Good luck


how was it better before? all i want is the option that removes my issues without being detrimental to my sex life.


Many men will tell you that for them sex is better when circumcised. For me I preferred it prior to the Op'. Not that it cannot be great now, just that I often miss that feeling of the skin pulling down and also I have to ensure my wife is not as vigorous as she can be for fear of pulling back to much ? Not that I know if that is possible, it is just a concern I have. Not being able to pull back was never an issue when it came to sex, so I should not worry about that but if it is causing you pain then yes seriously consider surgery. Only you can really decide, and it will not be detrimental to your sex life. Well, it will be for a good few weeks !


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