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Is this normal SOMETIMES?


Ever since the surgery, I had no problem of having pain while urinating until I tried to wear regular underwear which felt good for me cause I didn’t feel any pain while I was walking. The next day I woke up, I had an erection and my penis was stuck to the cloth of my underwear and I tried to pull it which hurts like hell. The gland was dried and I could touch some spots on my penis with no pain and there was dried skin peeling off of the glands. But when I tried to pee, it started hurting I think because of the lips that got stuck. Is this normal and when does it usually stop? This as been going on now. Usually when I pee it doesn’t hurt but some days it feels like the lips are stuck and hurts. How do I fix this problem?

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It will go away. The inside is still swollen. When my penis was looking good on the outside is still had peeing problems and head sticking to the underwear. it will go away in time. And dont pull the head away. Do it slowly so you dont hurt the place. You probably caused a little wound and when you urinate, the salt goes there and it hurts you.

Ok. My pee didn’t hurt as much today but I could feel if a little. Even tho when I pee it goes towards another direction so I’d have to face different ways.

Yes I was the same. Dont worry. You just need time

I am afraid your aim will be off for a while, it is normal after surgery. Vaseline smeared on the head will help reduce sticking.

So that's probably one of the things that you'll get used to now that you're circumcised. Sometimes when precum (or semen) drips out even in very small amounts, the meatus (lips) can get stuck yo your underwear when it dries. Even after you separate it from your clothes it can cause your urine stream to go different directions. This doesn't happen much to uncircumcised guys much because the foreskin covers the meatus and prevent it from drying.

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