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Excruciating pain during erection


I’m 17 years old and got my circumcision on Thursday (the first of March I think was the date) so just over a week ago. Most sensitivity and swelling is gone (though the little curve at the base of the head is still quite sensitive).

The problem I’m having is that while I’m sleeping, I’ll wake up multiple times during the night with excruciating pain all around where I’m guessing the stitches are. It seriously feels like someone just cutting off the end of my penis.

Sleeping isn’t something I look forward to anymore and I’ve begun losing sleep due to going to bed later and later.

I was also previously a frequent masturbator so not even being able to have a comfortable erection makes the whole not-masturbating thing even worse.

Note: I wear tight boxers (briefs? Not sure what they’re called) that are a silky material and put a large gauze pad between the penis and the inside of the underwear. This helps during the day, but when it does happen during the day, it hurts even more because it’s pushing into the tight underwear.

Any solutions to this? Or do I just have to wait it out until it heals. I’m in a lot of pain. I’m pretty sure the stitches are still in (would be bad if they weren’t) but I can’t even pull back my skin enough to see.

Please help.

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I'm 7 weeks post op now. The stitches were the worst for me too. Felt like cheese wire round my bellend. I had dissolvable stitches but had them removed on day 14 as they were really uncomfortable. Things improved so much quicker after stitches had gone. I know you shouldn't, but I wanked gently from day 10 to relieve the tension and back to normal sex from the start of week 4.

See my posts if you like which I made throughout my journey.

Message me on here if there's anything I can help with or if you want to chat.

I'm on day 14 and experienced the pain with nocturnal erections for the first week. I personally found it more comfortable to sleep with nothing on down below. As I assume the pain subsides when the erection goes away, my remedy was to keep an in ice pack by the bed and shove it between my legs. Getting into the foetal position helps. I'd also dip the penis in a beaker of salt water for 2-3 minutes twice a day to promote healing especially if you can't see the stitches or how clean that area is.

I went through this too. Limit water a few hours before bed. Go to bed when you are feeling tired as your body will need it. Look at sleep as a major healing step as its so important. I slept naked with a blanket covering my legs and a separate blanket for my chest. My penis and 6 inches above and below were uncovered so I wouldn’t get it touching the blankets. I would wake up 3 times a night and would need to go pee straight away. Do not watch any raunchy films or sex scenes before bed, its just teasing you! It was a pretty emotional morning the day i woke up and did not wake up once. You need to bear through it. Im 7 weeks post op and look back at as being tough but it gets better in time! Take it day by day.


Wait till it heals. Use loose garments.May be you need to consult your GP if you need to increase antibiotics for few days more

- don't drink liquids past 6 PM

- when sleeping on the side, use the fetal position, knees slightly tilted towards your stomach

- when sleeping on the back, sleep with your knees up

- dont wear underwear when sleeping and try to use two blankets (one that covers top of your body and one that covers the bottom of your body so your penis is not covered)

- try to think of something very unsexy (for me it was sticking my dick into a pile of snow, gets the erection down quicker), alternatively have a bag of frozen peas ready at your bead to put over your erection, make sure to cover yourself in a towel and don't put the bag directly on your penis (hard to keep a bag of peas cold all night though)

- do not give into the temptation to fap, don't even think about it ... if you do, think instead about granny vajayjay ... unless that is your thing, then pick something else not sexy :P

- good luck, should be better in a few days

DeclanK ... It might be said that men who amputate the most sensitive tissue on their body deserve what they get. You might also enjoy the sensations you are experiencing, good and bad, because eventually, as you get older, your glans and penis will slowly loose what sensitivity remains.

That's why tens of thousands of men are restoring their foreskins .... See


I'm one of those babyboomers that was cut at a day old, post WWII. I'm restoring since I went numb quite some time ago. The process went exactly as they said it would almost to the day, and the sensitivity is improving at a much faster rate than I expected. My doc was nice and left me some foreskin to work with. I have enough to cover the head if I pull it forward. Skin to skin seems to be better that using stretch wrap and a rubber band. Even though I started with that, it did work. I tried interject some information concern this to a young teenager to be sure that he hadn't exhausted all his options before getting circumcised. I was instantly shot down by others and accused of being a "anti-cirumcisionist". Seems as if they want to continue the medical schools 150 year ignorance of the foreskin that still continues to this day. I know that because I asked my doctor what the medical school taught him about the foreskin. His answer "cut it off and throw it away". I told him I was restoring, and he is very interested in this since he never heard of this, and most of his patients are older since he is Internal Medicine. Thank god there are some doctors that are always open to new things.

Nice, I have been restoring from a very tight circumcision. It is not easy, but after 5 months, there is very big difference.

After two weeks you can pull out the stitches. After the stitches have been removed, everything will go much better. Although I wasn't allow to, I could even masturbate very carefully with no movement of the shaft skin. But if you can hold it, it's better not to do it until everything has been fully healed (about 4-6 weeks). How about the pain now?

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