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Hey I’m new hear

I was reading som of the posts on hear and it was very helpful even though it was all from 7 moths ago .

Any way .

I had surgery on Friday July 20th and all that , the first day it was hell to walk sit and pretty much anything else like that as well .

This is now day 6 and my penis is doing very well and I know every one is different at healing as well , my surgeon did say that I might heal faster then others as well , and plus I’m healthy too .

My stiches just fell out today on day 6 and idk if that’s all normal or not , it barley hurts any more and all I have is the itches really badly know then the hurting .

Since the stitches are all gone know dose that mean I’ll heal even faster right .

I have another question as well , will it hurt to get a boner in the morning as well , my stitches fell out and I was wondering if it will hurt .

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Boners shouldnt hurt anymore but its normal if it hurts a bit, it will go away in time. Usually stitches fall around 15-20 days. Mine fell after 40 day. Everyone is different. Dont masturbate still. Wait for around 2 - 3 weeks more.

My stitches fell out so early .

Guess I’m a fast healer then maybe

Yesterday on day 6 my stitches fell out

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