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Circumcision Help

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Hi, I’m 16 & it’s been almost 4 weeks since I was circumcised. I still have all my stitches & my doctor said they were dissolvable stitches but none have dissolved yet. About 20 minutes ago I pulled a stitch, luckily I didn’t rip it but it did pull quite a bit. I’m wondering if this’ll heal properly. I’m getting really worried. Should I take the stitches out myself? Or should I get my doctor to do it.


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What help you need?

Leave well alone - why would your doctor lie to you?

Hi NOWHARD i have some problem i lately decided to put coconut oil around the stitches, so you think that can help too? I’m also on 4 weeks this coming Friday will be complete 5 weeks and non of the stitches have come out.

Thanks Man @NOWHARD

It is time for your stitches to come out. you may cut them and pull them out yourself or you may get your doctor to do it.

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Ok. I’ll give it a try. Are you sure that I should take them out? They are dissolvable stitches.

The stitches hold the incision closed while healing occurs that actually seals the incision. Their work is done in the first two weeks after surgery. If you are not seeing any oozing, then you know that your incision is healed closed and you may safely take out the stitches by cutting them and them pulling them out with a tweezer.

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Ok. I’ll see what happens in the next few days & if they’re not dissolving/falling out, i’ll pull them out.

Personally i would just let them be, i had mine all the way til the 6th week and they came out themselves

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That sounds like the right idea. Do you thnk I should take them out if they don’t dissolve in the next 1 1/2 weeks? By then it’ll have been 6 weeks.

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