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When Should I stop replacing my bandages

Hi, I'm 17 and I got circumcised on the 28th of June (three days ago). So far the stitches and incision line has been great. Not much pain at all, however there is swelling around the glans, but no significant bruising on my actual penis. On the second day I took a salt bath to remove the gauze (was recommended by my surgeon) and there seems to be no real open areas in the stitching (I think my surgeon has done well on that part). The reason I am writing this is that I have kept on replacing the bandages around the area, to make sure the stitches don't become pulled or snagged. However I'm reaching day 4 now and the incision area is becoming dry, & looks to be clean, although a few areas still have some dried blood but I've read that I should let that come off on it's own accord. All it is is that I'm unsure when I should stop using bandages and leave the area open. I don't want to risk infection, as Most other people who have had circumcisions seem to not even wash the area until like day 4. I'm taking daily showers now to let the water run down and clean the area, which doesn't seem to sting at all (Even night time erections don't hurt that much). So Have I just got a low pain threshold and my circumcision is healing well, or has the surgeon just done a really good job? and should I stop using bandages as padding and let the stitches breathe more?

Any answers would be much appreciated, and I'd love to hear from anyone who's at a similar point, cheers.

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You should only take bath when your stitches are dry


that is what I did. The whole area was dry with blood, as such I took about a 10 minute salt bath just to easily take the gauze off that was stuck. Not taking any baths now until it is all healed, just showers in the morning.



i recently got circumcised, today is my 7th day...

i had the bandage removed on the third day after circumcision and was advised to take salt baths 2 to 3 times a day for 15 to 20 mins this helps in the healing and dissolving of stitches

i think it being dry is normal, cause that’s how mine is looking lately and seems to be slowly healing though i still got a bit of stinging pain at times


Hello mate I’m on the same as you well 6th day mines still swollen and so very red:( is yours swollen and bruised still ?? I can’t see my stitches coz the way mines been cut my skin is folded over the top at the moment

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Hello Chris,

mine is slightly swollen and still somewhat bruised...

try keep your penis facing up, either with a tape (not too tight) or with tight boxers to hold it in place. this should help with the swelling and always try to keep your bladder empty, pee as much as possible but ensure you’re still hydrated. (it’s working for me so far and was advised to do so)

if symptoms continue i would advise going back for review to seek professional help


Okay il do that managed to put a pair of boxers on today and got it up right what I got dry blood which I’m struggling to get rid of ???


I too have dried blood, however if it does not come off in the shower or by its own accord it's usually part of the scab / healing process. How tender would you say the stitches are for you? it's just there is an area on the left side that's rather tender to the touch and more swollen than the right. I don't think it's an infection as there is no discoloration or fluids, just rather swollen and raw (plus no dried blood or scabbing in that area, so is it just a bit more exposed than the rest of the stitches?)


Okay so shall I just leave it then ?


Hello , Graui the blood scabs come out eventually through the days go on they become drier, I to had the worry of how long would be there currently on day 21.


All sounds good so far. I bathed on day two, from then on I just used non-stick dressing with vaseline. Basically just pressed against the penis, and with tight underwear to keep things still.


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