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Circumcision stitches


Hi guys,

Just wanted your advice on the stitches on my my circumcision.

I’m on the 12 day after op and the attached pic is of my frenulum area looks like a lot of stitches were used here maybe over the top of others? This isn’t puss in the pictures its the stitches.

Is everyone’s like that? And would you guys say that these are the dissolvable ones?

Literally none have fell out or began to fade yet really as i still can’t see some at the front because of swelling. Should I be soaking them more coming into the third week?

Thanks of the advice guys!

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I was told by my urologist that putting ice for too long after the first couple of days post op is slowing down healing...

I’m on day 10 and regardless of what my urologist said I’m still using ice not necessarily for the healing process but because it numbs it and makes me feel better lol

You shouldn't use ice that long ..numbing the area slow down the healing process and it will back fire in some cases like tissue damage ...

That’s what I was told. Thanks for confirming it. The only problem that I have is that my frenulum area is very tender, sore, irritated, painful and sensitive and I don’t know what to do to make it feel better, it’s horrible. I’m on day 11 and it is still very sensitive.

Frenulum is always last to heal will take atleast 3 week are on 11 expecting too early ..wait and take care of it

I understand but it is very very raw and super sensitive so I always need to put my penis in a gauze, is that ok?

Yes I put my penis under guaze for atleast 25 days due to sensitive issue ...but do change it in atleast after 24 hours after taking bathe

How are you feeling now? How long has it been? Thank your for your replies and help, I really appreciate it... it’s so painful and I feel really lonely with this issue as it looks like others are healing better

I am very fine now's been almost 6 weeks now ..I felt the same way lonely and been slow healer as my stuture wound got open and I bleed profusely on day 5th I assure you it won't take you more than 40 days to heal ...I used to get dressing in near by hospital after taking shower as I was so afraid to do it myself ..later it's been easy day by day ..take rest as much possible and be happy ...your all the queries while you heal are most welcome as I don't want anybody here to go through the same mental trauma as I have been on those days ..

That’s really nice, thank you for your support. My frenulum and meatus are very irritated and red and I even suspects some ulcers or small sores which hurt bad but if that is part of the healing process, maybe I need not to worry? Thanks again

There might be some possibility of pus around the stitches due to infection ..which should be drained out this condition you need to visit your hospital to check it out may confirm it by yourself by the pain ..pus or infection pain is so pinching and high that you need medication and you may get fever too ..if these are the conditions go visit your doc and drain it out by squeezing which is normal procedure

I have frostbite from putting ice without a towel on my frenulum!!! It’s gonna take so long to heal now I’m so angry at myself!!

Wait till it subsidize ...don't put extra effort heals on its own

I'm on week 7 and still have a few stitches in. I went to see a urologist on Saturday who said that was completely normal. Just bathe and pick at them a little to see if they're loose. But don't pull them out forcefully. Takes a few weeks for some or a few months for others.

It's perfectly normal my stuture went by between 2 to 4 week ..don't worry ...and yes frenulum is the last part which healed ...just relaxed and chill

Stitches being in longer than 10-14 days is what causes more scarring, that bumpy appearance and tunnels. People post pics of that on here all the time wondering if it goes away.

Don’t know if that’s true because my urologist used plastic surgery grade stitches that only start dissolving week 5 or 6 he said and that’s because they hold better during erections so they don’t pop and it makes the line smaller and tighter...


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