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Hey guys, I got circumcised a week ago and so far my recovery has been going pretty good! There’s one part I’m not too satisfied with however, my scar line is very near the bottom of the head of my penis leaving very little room between the head of the penis and the shaft. I know it’s only been a week and thing may clear up and the scar might move back a little but I’m curious, is it possible to have the scar be moved back and create more room between the glans and the shaft later on? I have included a picture for your reference.

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The circumcision seems to have been done well and it looks really nice for 1 week and you should count yourself lucky.

I am not entirely sure why you would have the need for "recircumcision" even though that isn't a thing as you are already circumcised, so unless you grow your foreskin back (joke) you can't be circumcised again. You can however have corrective surgery, if for some reason you are not happy though that in your case seems rather unnecessary and pointless. Your penis when erect will stretch out anyway. Looks great to me dude you should be glad it is healing so nicely.

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Thanks for your reply, maybe I’m just worrying a bit too much. I hope everything will fit together nicely one everything is healed up as right now the scar and inner foreskin seem a bit elevated. I first expected to have my inner foreskin be pulled back way further so maybe this just needs some getting used to. Thanks for the reply though man! :)

Look fine.

Mine is the same too by week 6. Been told the scar will peel and flaten. And that area will be properly exposed

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Ryanr should l worry ?

Your penis is still swollen mine looked exactly the same. But looks to be healing very well 👍


The only way to do that is by tension applied to that tiny strip. Check out techniques for foreskin restoration at

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