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Help!!! I don't think this is normal post circumcision. Picture updated***

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I am going to ask the doctor to do a revision.i scheduled a appointment with the doctor next week. I am very unhappy with the bad cut and healing complications. Photo shows how I am going to ask doctor to fix it.

Ok so I was circumcised 3 weeks ago to the day. And I am getting worried. It appears I didn't get a bad discolored looking scar line however where the scar line is I feel like there is a Cooper wire going all the way around. I am getting worried because there is one section about 10mm where it seemed to heal perfectly! Like the the transition from shaft skin to forskin feels like the same skin and is completely flexible in all directions. This part is also super smooth. It is located looking from top view to the left. The rest of the skin is super bumpy and stiff where stiches were and I think the skin didn't fuse evenly. (Shaft skin is higher then foreskin).

I am also very disappointed the doctor didn't do a perfect circle on the bottom of my penis. The bottom is very gross and bumpy. The entire area there the triangle is, it is very hard and I think the skin fused to whatever is under the skin. I think this because the skin does not glide like top side.

Will this ever sit smoothly?

Did anyone experience this with their operation?

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I didn't understand whether the 'copper wire' effect is causing you pain or discomfort or whether you mean it is an appearance issue. As to the unevenness of the scar, I've seen quite a few circumcised penises, and I don't think I've ever seen one in which the scar is symmetrical. Most have imperfections. - Jeremy,

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Night_Guy in reply to Medibation

When I say copper wire I mean where the scar is the tissue is very hard. I am not coming cern about a perfect circular cut around just wondering if it is supposed to resemble a circle. Mine was cut like a light bulb and may be causing complications while healing.

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jeoi in reply to Night_Guy

You can redo it right now. Because your penis don’t have infection and swelling..

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Night_Guy in reply to jeoi

That is true, that didn't cross my mind. I was thinking is there a chance that the doctor will refuse to do a revision?

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Kevin27 in reply to Night_Guy

its actually normal that its hard.. its just 3 weeks ago.. have even seen an operated skin? it will really be bumpy. its not something that they will just stick both ends of the skin.. as far as i see the skin is too tight already .. they can only do a revision if there enough skin to handle ur penis when it erects.. me as well did a revision but its because mine is dorsal cut. .. i revised it to german cut. . just let it as is bro..

After a month of getting circumcised the left was smooth but the rest was rather raised and quite hard like you describe your scar. After four months though the skin smoothed out so it was flat the whole way round. The scar line itself was still firmer than the surrounding skin but it wasn’t visually noticeable. I had a revision last week so I wouldn’t be able to advise if it softens going forward unfortunately as I’ve started at square one of the healing process again. Give it a little more time for your body to recuperate and Hopefully it all works out for you. Best wishes :)

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Night_Guy in reply to Riventine

I think I am going to follow your steps and get a revsion. I am very unhappy with results and healing comications. I don't want to wait 4 months to get it done again.

I am happy with top results just not the bottom, I updated the picture to show doctor how I want it to be corrected.

Unfortunately this might leave skin very tight with erections but I am confident that the skin will stretch over time.

I’m not circumcised but I think it looks pretty good to be honest.

One inherent quality of the circumcision operation is the lack of precision. If you take off more skin, then you are quite likely to have painful erections.

It appears that the surgeon left your frenulum, for which you should be thankful, because it has nerves in it.

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Night_Guy in reply to Bucky85

So I was surprised to see how the frenulum healed. I have seen other post here or other men who remove theirs and the healing had a huge gap. On mine He did remove it as of my request, it was very tight and super painful. However it seems he left partial frenulum which I am fine with since it is not in the way. I had stitches running almost all the way down.

Hello, I am circumsized too,and the scar on my dick is similar to yours.. It is not simmetrical at all... And I also have a little more skin left on the left side the right side it's just the scar...Sorry my english isnt the best...But the thing is your not alone with this :)

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Night_Guy in reply to ilunch32

Don't worry I do not not judge people English, I learned it as my third language.

I talked to my doctor, He said he will not do any type of revision until after 6 months. He told me I had fibrous scar tissue, He needs It needs to heal completely to know if it softens or not. Also the skin needs to adjust in length (stretch out) otherwise a second procedure will be way too tight and I will risk tearing skin during an erection.

He did tell me that when he did the procedure the cut was circular, however it is impossible to tell how it looks once an erection occurs. He told me if we do decide to have a revision that I can use a skin marker and mark where I want it cut. Of course he will decide during the operation if it is best to follow the line or not.

Overall I am satisfied with the procedure, I am going to be the type of person who it is obvious I was circumcised because the 2 skins are very different in color. In the future I might consider bleaching shaft skin (if it is safe) since it is 4 shades darker then my body.

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ilunch32 in reply to Night_Guy

Honestly I think yours looks way better than mine even though I got circumcised 4-5 years ago.. I might post a thread whether mine it is normal or not,because after erection the skin is swelling for a while in a ring formation ... I think you should give it some time ,and if it hurts or you can't use it properly , only in that case I would go back if you know what I mean...

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Night_Guy in reply to ilunch32

I have actually been having a swelling issue. Every morning and random times during the day, the left side gets swollen. Only way I can make it go away is if i put pressure on it for about a minute.

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ilunch32 in reply to Night_Guy

hmm It's interesting cause I have the swelling on the left side too..But not always ,just only after a massive erection or if there is friction between my underwear ,and that part..

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Bucky85 in reply to Night_Guy

It is quite normal to have a variation in colour at the circ scar because dissimilar tissue is healed together. It is also normal for the genital skin to be darker than the rest of the body.

I would like to caution you, that should you have more skin removed, your stitches may pull out when you have an erection and you may have painful erections due to the tightness of the skin. You may also end up with a shorter penis because it cannot expand to full size.

I don't know if the NHS will do it if there is no medical indication for it.

BTW, you write English perfectly as far as I can see.

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Night_Guy in reply to Bucky85

Thank you, I will consider your advise. As of right now I have to wait the full 6 months before doctor will do anything again. My circumcision is not very tight, I have some mobile skin so a revision will not be a problem. I just wish the doctor did a standard circular cut, right now I am starting to develop raised scar tissue which I am not happy with and it so happens to be located where the doctor cut out a "U". Also this location is healing very very hard, feels like the tissue has harden.

How long post op are these pictures? Besides the color the scar line looks great!

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Night_Guy in reply to Jdouk6907

These pictures are 4 week post op.

You might have a little keloid scarring , the penis itself is in great shape...the scar is from surgery. Looks Normal!

Hello, just want to mention. I got circumcised as an adult and after all these years, my scars are not symmetrical. I'll tell you if it doesn't hurt leave it alone. if it's painful, get it checked out. though I experience some discomfort at the beginning months but it went away. yours looks normal to me. Good luck!

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