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Fluid Retention Post Circumcision


Hi Everyone -

I'm extremely concerned about my circumcision that I had 7 days ago as of today (June 27). The stitch line looks good, no abnormal redness or discharge, HOWEVER, the actual shaft of my penis, particularly on the left side, closer to the head, looks so swollen/filled with fluid that I'm very worried. When hanging flaccid the actual shaft of my penis is wider than the head. It looks normal in the morning, but within 15 minutes of hanging (for lack of a better word), it's like completely filled/swollen again. Does anyone have experience with this?

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Hi mate look at my picture I just posted to see if it looks like mine ?? I’m worried too

Post a pic

Yeah I do and I was circd on June 19th. That fluid is trapped lymph fluid that is healing the area where it is sitting at. At some point your lymph nodes was signaled that you have tissue damage and possible infection down there. Let it run its course, and the fluid will eventually depart and scatter within your body. Just try tonallow all open wounds to close and stay clean

That's the hematoma u get post circumcision. It is normal. Will eventually go away by its own.

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Really? It comes and goes every morning. When I wake up it’s gone because I’ve been laying down - within 15 minutes it’s back.

Sandy19871 in reply to Hidden

It was the same with me as well.. Later I recovered. Better consult ur surgeon for confirmation.


Hematoma’s don’t come and go. They’re hard.

I'm in a similar situation, circed 11 days ago and the ballooning (or fluid retention) has not gone down one bit. Been taking antibiotics since the op, fusidic acid 2‰ cream 3 times a day after a salt water bathe for 10 mins. So bloody worried.

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