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Penis numbness 6weeks after circumcision


I was circumcised 6 weeks ago.

When I touch my penis head and shaft on the skin of the penis there’s only like 10% feeling. Im worried

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Why did you get circumcised?

I got circumcised because I had phimosis and I still have a lot of sensitivity.

Tim1930 in reply to Hidden

Hi user282, how long ago did you have it and how much sensitivity remains as a %?

Hidden in reply to Tim1930

I was circumcised about 6 weeks ago. And I have about 60% sensitivity left but my frenulum was left intact so that could be why.

Tim1930 in reply to Hidden

My Frenulem will be removed as it has a painful area- this slightly worries me now. On one hand I lose the pain and hopefully the trade off is minimal reduction in sensetivity.

jimfromcalif in reply to Tim1930

If you don’t want to lose sensitivity, call off the surgery.

Chris45 sorry for hijacking your post. I am certain you will get some good advice on here.

Loss of sensation is a well-known effect of circumcision because the nerves in the foreskin that provide sensation are no longer there.

ilunch32 in reply to Bucky85

Yes and when it's in pain because of phimosis, you wont feel pain no more so you are cured :) :)

The opening can be easily and painlessly enlarged with simple stretching.

When you say 10% do you mean general feeling or pleasure feeling?

Chris45 in reply to Night_Guy


Night_Guy in reply to Chris45

I guess I can say it is just different, need to find a technique that works for you.

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