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Circumcision Scar


Hi everyone! I got circumcised just short of a week ago now, and so far I’ve had very little problems. Everything seems to be healing fine and it’s not as bad as it was a couple of days ago discomfort wise. I do have a question however, my circumcision scar seems to be quite near the bottom of my glans and it seems to be sorta standing a bit upward of that makes sense. Can I expect the scar to move a bit further down the shaft once everything is healed nicely and all the swelling is gone? I have attached a picture for your reference *GRAPHIC*

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Idk I think it looks fine and healing nicely

Hi Luuk it already looks very nice after only one week. Once the swelling has completely gone you'll still have a small gap of skin between the glans and the shaft skin. Your surgeon did a great job!

Thanks for your reply! I would have preferred a bit more tightness but I’m hoping that that’ll come once everything is settled down. If not, it is ever possible you make a already done circumcision tighter? Or does such a procedure not exist?

I think it will be pretty tight if everything has been healed. But as long as you've still inner foreskin left, you can always make it tighten up. I am very tight when erect. Sometimes I wished I had a little bit more of movement in my shaft skin LOL.

Why did you do it? Was it for medical reasons or rather esthetic/hygiene?

I had an overly sensitive glans and the urologist suggested a circumcision as a possible solution. I don’t think I have too much of any inner foreskin left. So let’s just hope once the swelling goes down it’ll look better!

Circumcision certainly does help against over-sensitivity. I'm sure your skin with tight up when everything has been healed. But it already looks great!

When it heals and not swollen any more the scar would not be visible.

That cut looks identical to mine. I'm on day 21 and have lost 12 stitches and 4 remain. You should be pleased with that. I hope the last four drop out by next weekend and I will try and convince my wife to give it a try!

That looks a really tidy cut and you are healing extra well for such a short time. How are you coping with the sensitivity now your glands are fully exposed? I am looking to get cut for the same and similar reasons.

luukzanten in reply to Zwww4650

It’s actually been way better than I expected! My glans used to be super sensitive, even bj’s would often cause discomfort. Right after the procedure you’ll typically have you penis be bandaged up with gel dressings and cause pads. For me these sorta acted like a replacement foreskin which made adjusting a lot easier. After about 4 days the skin on my glans strayed to peel, which in its turn has made my glans a nicer pink color instead of the bright red it once was. I’m currently not wearing any bandages anymore, the first couple of days were a bit uncomfortable but that has since faded. So I’m pretty much good as of now. I think I’m gonna be posting the whole healing process on here so people can get some reference for themselves.

super penis)

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