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Post-Circumcision Recovery - Help!

Hi everyone, first post here:

I am 37 and was circumcised 5 days ago (due to BXO & Paraphimosis), and would like some help from those who have been through it. I realise that it would be quicker for me to phone the Doc for an appointment than to type all this on an internet forum, but I'll probably go and get checked over anyway and was just hoping for some advice & reassurance from men who've been there too and don't mind reading the grizzly details!

I don't need to go into detail about the op itself, and the care on the day was excellent, but when I was discharged, I wasn't give any info at all relating to the recovery process. No information sheet, nothing about if I'd need a follow up appointment, no contact number in case or problems, no medication ie painkillers / anti-inflammatories (just some spae dressings), I just walked out of the hospital like John Wayne with little to no idea of what to expect during recovery, other than some info on the sheet given at the pre-op. This sheet itself says that when discharged, I would be given advice about recovery at home and given a 'draft discharge summary'. I received neither. I didn't even think to ask as I left, with all that had just happened to me! Do I presume they forgot and chase this up, or presume it has gone straight through to the GP?

Anyway, I took the last dressing off after the 2nd full day with it on, it really is a horrible place to have a dressing as it inevitably gets wee on it and pubes caught in it. I wish I'd thought to shave first, perhaps they should advise this on the pre-op info sheet as its a lot harder trying to remove stray hairs afterwards!

So, 5 days on and the swelling is going down very slowly. Well, at least its not the shocking red/purple/black colour anymore, just still quite puffy under the incision. There is still lots of gunk around the base of the glans - dried blood, a kind of yellow film and just general gunk. I have tried to gently remove this in the bath but am scared to touch it at all really, in case I disturb the stitches. I am not even sure about taking baths as I've read conflicting advice - some say not to bathe for a couple of weeks, others say you can after a couple of days, some say to put salt in the water, and I also heard from a Nurse my wife knows that if you do bathe, only stay in for a short time as you don't want the stitches to come out too soon, so don't soak!

Its the stitches that seem to cause all the problems, really , so I'm kind of despairing that they could take 2 more weeks to dissolve. I feel what i can only describe as 'pressure', where the shaft meets the stitches, with most things I do. Sitting on the toilet, trying to lift myself out the bath, walking, bending over, sitting upright (such as when eating) and lying on my side. I am pretty much just lying down flat or sitting reclined with my lower half horizontal, all the time, otherwise I feel this pressure / pain. The glans feels ultra sensitive now being exposed, I knew this would take some adjusting to, but its even weirder than I thought. Again I think its the presence of the stitches that are bugging me, not just the fact the glans is exposed, as I can feel the stitching against my underwear, which is horrible. Sorry for the gory details but I've had the stitches bleed twice when trying to push a turd out, they feel horrid against my clothes and prevent me washing the gunk away, and so I can't wait for them to be gone. To top it off, I woke up with morning wood today, which really hurt , and I couldn't get it down quick enough!

I was really down last night and wishing I hadn't had it done at all. Its amazing how much you take for granted normal everyday things like driving, and walking to the corner shop, when you are pretty much housebound. I can't even say not being able to have sex or have a wank is bothering me that much, I just want to feel normal again, be able to do basic things & not have my cock looking so horrific. I enjoy sport and I've been told roughy 4 weeks before I can do any, which is tough for me. They say you can drive & return to work as soon as you're ready but I don't feel i'll be doing either for at least another week. There seems to be a psychological pain you go through with this as well, hard to explain but it seems to impact your life in numerous ways. I can only hope that in time the healing takes place and I can enjoy life once more & not feel like I regret the decision to have it done.

So i guess the questions are:

Will the GP ask to see me for a follow-up or do I instigate this if I feel I need to be checked over?

Does my experience /state of healing at 5 days seem normal?

How long before the feeling of pressure disappears?

How long did your stitches take to dissolve?

Am I doing the right thing taking short saltwater baths?

When will the 'gunk' start to disappear?

Which medications did you take?

Thanks to all who had the patience to read through this and offer replies!

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Doesn't sound like anything worrying to me. All pretty average I think. Yes good to do daily bathing with salt water. Discharge should steadily settle over a further week or so, but increasing swelling, discharge or temperature requires a doctor review.

No need for routine review unless you feel there is a problem

This is a leaflet


Sounds like you have had a lot to contend with.

I had my circumcision about eight weeks ago due to Zoons Ballantitis and possible cancer risk. Like you I was given little follow up information, but I did receive a leaflet with a phone number. My swelling was gone by day two and I took short daily baths using baby bath soap. Stitches did appear to come out during the bath so I kept them short then started taking showers but keeping heavy spray away from the area. It was probably about two weeks before all the stitches came out and regular cleaning kept 'gunk' at bay, though this can be easier said than done given how painful the wound was. I did try and refrain from going the toilet until I was desperate to avoid pushing or straining, and wearing tight pants at night helped keep everything in place. My wife wore the most unsexy pyjamas possible but any sign of an erection and I was sore.

I took co-codamol at first then Paracetamol and Ibuprofen. I have to say it can still be quite sore now but infrequent and bearable. Sex after about six weeks was a nervous affair and a little sore but the climax was amazing, so worth it. Sex still not regular but we trying.

My Doc just say it a very sensitive area so healing takes time but everything looks fine. I still cannot get used to how it looks.

I would advise to see GP if you unsure and call Hosp' to check on follow up appointment.

Good Luck

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I'm not a doctor so can't say if this is normal or not. But if you are experiencing far worse after-effects than you were warned of in advance, then that is a concern and certainly something to discuss with your health-care providers. If it IS normal and you weren't told, they need to know it's not acceptable and if it ISN'T normal they can act.

Certainly, some doctors will tell you that circumcisions are carried out too readily and without always fully arming the patient with the alternatives.

Good luck and let us know how things develop. Are you in the UK?


Thanks for the replies so far and for the NHS leaflet. Not sure why I wasn't given something like this. I will contact the GP in the coming days and ask if my paperwork has come through to them yet and just get them to check me out. Chances are there is nothing wrong and I just have to be patient as the Op was still only 6 days ago. Very painful night time erections last night, I was too scared to look as I knew it'd probably be making the stitches bleed, I just waited for them to go down and then went for a wee. Apparently not drinking late at night helps with this.


Hi, sounds like you had a bad time with it. Can I ask how it is now please? I'm thinking about getting it done, due to my foreskin been extremely tight but not sure weather it's worth it.

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My son had this done Friday. He's 9. We also had no idea how bad this would be after the op. He's had this week off school and likely to have next week off. He was put on morphine for 2 days. However the swelling is going down and the days are slowly improving. He can't wear any clothing so if you have it done, book time off work for at least 2 weeks. My son had tight foreskin and with the risks of cancer increasing it was a no brainer. My advice would be, research, prepare for op better than we did and get it done. Good luck


I was similar to you, had a tight foreskin and so opted for surgery. First had a prepuceplasty, which is when they cut a bit of the foreskin so that it will be big enough to go over the head of the penis, but this made very little difference. So I got circumcised 2 days ago. Unlike most people here it seems I got told about the recovery process, and have been given dressings to change every day or so. The area is still very sore obviously, and swollen, along with a fair amount of bruising. Getting an erection is pretty painful ngl, woke up this morning with a decent amount of blood in my dressings. Some of this has managed to stick to my stitches, and have left it as afraid of pulling the stitches out. Most scared of infection, as i got warned this is one of the biggest risks with this operation, so trying my hardest to keep the area clean etc. But although its painful now, and not the most comfortable when carrying out day to day activities, in the long term I think it most definitely will be worth it. Although there is still the possibility that getting circumcised won't work fully. In that case I believe you go back for another operation where they remove more skin, but thats very unusual.

Is anyones experiences similar to mine? getting slightly nervous about risk of infection, and the strain on my stitches if i try to remove any of the dried blood etc

Thank you


These all sound so similar to mine - only 2 days ago & obviously still swollen & rather messy despite trying to gently clean. Nerves whilst cleaning also apply & it can feel a little depressing but I am confident it will all work out well. i was advised not to bathe just to shower and let water run down. I clean it really gently but can't really wear clothes yet because I know they will stick & then I will rip stitches out. I had been optimistically hoping I could go back to work on Monday but I think I have to be realistic & take next week off or work from home if I can.


Hi Chris. I put mine off for over a year and always had sore cracked skin after was so hard to clean too. I was terrified of gettig circumcised. Im on day 3 and I am amazed I've had almost no pain and it is just sensitive. Im not actually taking any painkillers. I wish I had done it sooner. I went to princess royal Orpington and they did a general anesthetic. Amazing job. I have ordered a silk thing called a manhood for when I want to go cycling and on more active days as I know the tip will be sensitive without skin for some time.I did try stretching kits for a while buto without progress. I hope this helps.

I did get decent documentation about the whole process. My dressing fell off after about 24 hours and they told me stitches would dissolve gradually.


Where did you buy the silk thing ? I cant seem to find any online, thanks



I am 37 years and have undergone shangring style circumcision last Friday. So, I am on day 8.

Yesterday I have had my ring removed. The area is still so raw . I am scared to touch it .

Area around the base of pens is swollen like a bulb but the doctor said it will heal not to worry. He gave me cortisane cream to apply over the wound.

Now the glans are ultra sensitive even now. I can hardly touch, forget about drying with a cloth. How are you guys managing it? Also , I have seen advise about salt water baths. Did anyone try it ?

I just can't sleep with the tension.


How is your recovery going on man.. I just can't wear any cloth.. It's my 6th day.. And what about the bump under the penis which is stitched..hiw will that go away...


Sorry for late reply. . . Yes I did not find it easy, the 'bump under the penis which is stitched'. It made me upset every time I saw it. It just goes away over time really but those first few weeks are tough.


I know this is old, but your post brought me some comfort. Started getting swelling day 3 of Shangring, and after it came off... Omg it looks terrible. Swollen and colors and giant and frightening. Doc says it looks ok. So ice for now and lots of hope. Thank you for following up.


I know it's long time but can you please tell how much time it took you to recover.. I am on my 5th day.. And the extra foreskin which is tied under my penis shaft concerns me.. Is it normal.. Will it go away.. Please do tell


I had my circumcision only yesterday. I'm obese and hado quiet a buried penis when flacid but was a decent size when erect. Had procedure due to phimosis. I'm already worried that there's a problem as it feels as if the penis is being held in when I get an erection. As if there is not enough skin for the erect penis. Am I over reacting so early on and had anyone else had these issues?


hey Daz81 hows your progress going? I have the same problem i just had mine done 6 days ago


Going good. 3 weeks on Thurs since op. Had stitches out at 14 days as we're really pulling any uncomfortable due to the buried penis issue.

Nice to hear from someone with same issue.

I'll message you.


have u had erection? on your 3rd week? is it fine? haha just concern as I have not have any erection yet.


Right from day 1. Feels like it's going to burst but that's normal


Hi Daz my fella had his done 2 and half weeks ago and is now experiencing buried penis. Is this normal and does it go away?


I've read on here that buried penis can occur after circumcision. Some report that it resolves itself when swelling subsides, others have the issue permanently. I suffered from buried penis before the op (when flacid and stood up) due to fat around my pubic area and still do now, it's made no difference. I guess I just got used to it. It isn't an issue when erect so sex is not really affected.

Pics on link below show pics shortly after op. Last 2 show finished result at 5 weeks. Small but I think it looks OK!


Hey folks. I had my op a week ago today. Kind of experiencing some of the issues above. Not much pain now but can feel a pressure around the stitch line which is rather uncomfortable.

My main concern is the dried blood along the stitches. Some has come of, most of it is around the bottom. Any advice about trying to clear it without affecting the stitches.

When you advise to take salt baths etc. I'm day 7 post op. I'm worried about the stitches, I don't want them to fall out but don't want them overstating their welcome. Seen something about stitch tunnels?

Thanks for reading, and advice would be great :)


Hey. I’m currently on day 10 after I did the op. I was wondering about the salt water. How did you go about cleaning it? I’ve read that you should let it soak, while others say not to let it soak, but I haven’t read about anyone that has let it soak and had a bad experience. Just wanted to get your take on it.

Thanks. :)


Update one year on. . . Those first few weeks really were tough. I ended up getting the GP to check on my progress after a week or so. They were happy that my progress was about as expected for that time, but I explained that I was struggling to move about and that there was no way I would be able to work for the next week. I was mightily relieved when the GP actually wrote me out a two week sick note. Seriously guys, do not rush back to work. Sure, everybody's different but allow your body time to heal. Normal stuff like driving & walking about are hard enough after this op, let alone work. I think it took about 2 weeks for all the stitches to fall out. As I was concerned about infection due to yellow film/gunk & blood from stitches, I was put on antibiotics. Skin peeling on glans stopped over time too, must have been caused by the BXO/Phimosis.

That first week, I barely got up off the bed, only to use the toilet. So, the first week is rough. Stay off work. Take things really slow and just rest. Second week for me things gradually improved but I still didn't do a lot and was pleased to get to stay off work again. Gently clean the gunk off with cotton buds but stay away from the stitches! Really, don't rush to masturbate or have sex, until you feel properly ready, its not worth it. I think I had a wank after about 10 days but really it was too soon and I should have waited. Try your best NOT to get aroused as getting an erection in those first couple of weeks with stitching in and gunk all around, is VERY painful. Worst thing for me was the feeling of pressure in that area which seemed to go on for ages.

The bizarre thing was that I got a 'discharge sheet' in the post weeks later which stated medication I was supposedly sent home with. I wasn't given any! It does take some time to adjust to not having a foreskin, there are times now, a year on, when I really notice it, and probably will do for the rest of my life. Doing exercise, walking upstairs, etc, where your glans rubs against your pants when previously it was covered and you wouldn't have felt a thing. Also it feels like my cock looks a bit smaller now. So, yes I do sometimes miss having a foreskin but I can't put it back so just have to get on with it! Hope this helps anyone who's just had it done. That first week or two is tough but it DOES get better!


Hey I just wanted to say thank you for posting this a year ago and giving an update. I got circumcised on the 9th and I've had some of the concerns you had. Reading through this whole thread and seeing your update has really set me at ease. I'm going to my GP on Monday and I'm hoping it all goes well. I've surprisingly and happily had little to no pain. I have yellow film/gunk. As well as some blood that I think came from getting erections during the night. The stitches seem good but I'm still a bit worried about the blood. It's not bleeding but still, hard not to worry. I just want the stitches to go away already and the swelling to go down.

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Hi all, very good to read all of this. I had my under local anaesthetic yesterday. The injections were painful but the op itself not at all. I was to remove my bandage the next day, which I have done. Apart from looking swollen and a strange feeling of being exposed all is ok. I am British but had my op in The Netherlands as I live here, not sure that makes a difference though! Was advised to take paracetamol if needed and to shower after the bandage came off, just letting the water run onto me. Then to pat it dry. Also advised to keep a pot of Vaseline handy to protect my now exposed parts. They made an appointment for 6 weeks time to check all is ok and if I was worried then I should visit my GP and if he’s concerned he’ll call them. I’m most worried about getting an erection as everything already feels a little stretched, which I imagine is from the swelling and of course it’s very sensitive right now. As it was done on a Monday I’ll be at home all week, but working from home from Wednesday as apart from being uncomfortable there’s nothing wrong with me. I had to get it done as my foreskin was too tight. Still looking forward to returning to some sort of normality but know there’s a way to go yet. Reading this helps ease my worries though.


I actually have a question that I hope isn't confusing and I hope anyone can give an answer. So, the stitches are starting to come off which I'm happy about, but what I want to know is if the skin where the stitches were is supposed to stay connected or if the stitches were just to hold it together while it heals? I know it may be a dumb question but I'm not sure how the healing process is supposed to go. I'm on 2 weeks and a few days. Hope someone can understand my question and give an answer. I've talked to my doctor and he said it's fine and so did another doctor but I just felt like asking here since I'd prefer a response from someone who's gone through the same thing. Anyways thank you in advance to anyone who reads this and can respond.


Hi Jay, did you get a response on this, I’m three weeks in and have similar issues.. 10% has attached but the rest has a big gap and opened up where sititches were. I saw the Dr last week regarding an infection and he didn’t seem concerned but I still had most of the stitches then.


He Billy. Yes I did get a reply on this but it was on a different post. And I'll just tell you what I was told, if it's just one stitch you should be okay and it should heal up fine. However, if it's more than one stitch that came off before it was supposed to and it looks like it didn't heal properly you should go back to your doctor to have it checked.

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I took the time to sign up to this site just so I could share my similar story.

I had a full circumcision due to phimosis and am on day 9 now having experienced pretty much the same thing most of you have written already.

Much like another commentor wrote, I am overweight but have not had a problem with buried penis before now. I do not know if that had something to do with swelling or the stitches, but what used to be respectful 6cm flaccid and 15cm erect, is now little more than the glans poking out unless I am perfectly relaxed in bed.

I'm hoping that as the stitches come out things will return to a more normal state as this is most definitely not a confidence booster.

Like most of you I have experienced excruciating night erections, some times several a night, the worst ones so bad that they nearly bring me to tears.

I have not had a proper sleep all this time and do little other than sitting still, preferably reclined or I stay in bed. While I was very nervous the first few days due to swelling and difficulty performing basic functions (toilet, cooking, basic chores etc) things are slowly getting better.

I can manage sitting for extended periods but it is not comfortable and standing for more than a few minutes at a time is still very painful.

I have an appointment with my doctor the day after tomorrow because I had it moved up due to concerns which I suspect now were unwarranted. I believe it's only natural for us to be a some what paranoid when it comes to our bits.

If you are reading this my best advice is just this: Relax, give it a bit more time and learn to meditate your boner away...seriously..

Silver lining: I can finally sleep on my back which was a whole nother problem.

Hopefully this helps someone out there.

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New here, was told I had phimosis during Military Entrance Processing Station. Got my surgery done 5 days ago. Seems, I have some similar issues like stitches are painful. I got an appointment in 3 days but going to see if I get a reply here. Due to night erection. It has caused me pain and it seems like the wound is closed but the top half area is starting to pull back stretching the skin and the stitches. Is this common? Or could it be taking a sponge bath? I clean area lightly dab area with a sterile pad and I apply Neosporin. Or Is it Neosporin that is causing the stitches to stretch? That is my only concern. No pain in the area its pink no redness so no signs of infection at all. And this is about .5 or 1cm skin away from the glands. No bleeding in the past two days also. Sorry if my info is all over the place.


As you describes it, it seems normal to me. It's a part of the healing process.


Hey folks, I was circumcised 48 hours ago, I can already say that my glans is extremely sensitive, the slightest touch is very painful. For me this will be key to me being able to get out and about. Does this extreme sensitivity really last for two weeks or does it die down sooner? I've got the old chap lightly wrapped in gauze to try and reduce the shock when the glans is touched.

Lots of contradictory information about bathing or showering? Is it ok to shower now and just let the soap run over my genitals rather than properly clean them? Or is a salt water bath a better option to clean the gunk off the underside?


Keep my own thread going, hopefully will be of benefit to those reading this.

It's been 4 days since surgery. I've taken the advice of the leaflets I was given. If you can bear the feeling of cloth against your newly exposed glans it is worth wearing supporting pants/briefs. Keeping the old chap in one place does help with pain management. The glans is still very sensitive, probably because it is still swollen. I continue to take ibuprofen to keep the inflammation down and manageable.

Overnight boners are still very painful, I still haven't found a method to stop that from happening!


Hey I'm in the same situation as you, 4 days after the surgery. Nighttime erections have been pretty painful, and probably the worst part about the whole thing. I was told peeing before you sleep helps, and it seems to have worked a little for me.

Did you eventually decide on showering? I don't think I can go much longer without cleaning.


Yep, I'm showering again. I'm just letting the soap and water run over my bits rather than a full clean. Dab dry then I'll lie on the bed to properly dry the old chap. Do use Vaseline on the glans to reduce friction if wearing pants.

Don't get me wrong, it's still super sensitive but currently manageable.

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Day 6 update. Had a bit of a scare yesterday, excessive bleeding from part of the wound both during the day (Day 5) and overnight due to erections. Went to A&E this morning. They cleaned it up and said nothing to worry about. Stitches still in place. The old chap was re-dressed, given better quality dressings to take away.

Glans is now looking a bit scabby and peeling. Once again nothing to worry about so I've been assured.

To be continued...


Hey guys! So I'm 38 and had it done due to phimosis, the few things I did to help with recovery was, first I bought some cheap boxers with an opening in the front, for the first 5-6 days I pretty much just laid on the couch with my penis hanging out and was applying polysporin every few hours. This kept zero scabbing or any gunk from forming on the wound.

Showering I kept simple, and used natural soap bar to wash the head, which felt so awkward at first but I quickly got used to it and I gently cleaned the stitches also. I bought a water saline mixture in a can, the pressure was insane so I filled a cup with the mixture and used it to rinse the stitches and head off, patted it dry, applied polysporin, gently put my penis through the cheap underwear and got back to watching Netflix.

As for the erections when they did come, I found that brining my knees to my chest and sticking my butt out, this would pull my penis into my body and my skin would stay loose enough to minimize any pain. I had one bad night where I had a few erections and the following day it was sore, I was given Tylenol 3 for pain but I only used extra strength Tylenol that day and it suppressed the pain. Icing it also helped, to control erections and swelling, 10 min on and 10 min off 3 times every few hours. I also slept on the couch for the first week and a half, it kept me on my back and pretty still, in bed I toss and turn and usually end up on my stomach and that's exactly what you need to avoid at all cost.

After one week I started wearing tight boxer briefs, and loose pants. I continued with the polysporin and added Vaseline on the head so it wouldn't stick to my underwear, I went for walks to get used to the sensitivity.

Tomorrow will be 14 days since the procedure, I started working out 4 days ago, just upper body, no cardio at all other than walking on the treadmill, and absolutely no legs yet, I'll wait until 21 days have passed then start with light weights to try a test run. I'm also starting to wear jeans again, not tight ass jeans, just your classic fit.

For the guys reading this looking for information leading up to your procedure, try to get a week off from work, I know this isn't possible for many of us, but it would surely help with recovery and avoid any problems with the stitches, the first week is uncomfortable more than anything, the second week was more of an annoying feeling, but I got used to it pretty fast. Your first piss you take, sit down 😂 I tried standing up my first time while it was bandaged, the way it was bandaged it actually opened up the hole slightly, which I didn't think of and when I started pissing I hit everything but the toilet, cleaning the bathroom with a swollen bandaged penis and super sensitive head is an experience I'd like to spare you from.

I know my method of recovery isn't ideal for everyone as you may not be able to take time off of work or spend your days with your penis out, I was able to take 2 weeks off as I work construction and the weather sucks right now, my boss was okay with the time off, and during the days I was alone until my girlfriend got home at 6, at that time I still kept it out of my pants but used the blanket to hide my stitched up swollen, polysporin covered penis. I really hope this helps the guys about to get it done, and good luck with the recovery!

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I'm now at day 23. The glans is still sensitive so I still need to wear boxer briefs all day. I would say over of half my stitches have fallen out, the rest are on the verge of falling out.

I'm not going to risk sex with the GF until the sensitivity subsides a bit more. I can say now that erections are no longer very painful. A little sore but nothing more. Overall I'm quite satisfied with my progress but you can't rush the healing.


It's now been a month (give or take a few days) since my surgery and I must say that I am a bit dismayed. Ill get to that in a bit but first some pointers.

-It took me almost three weeks to be able to walk properly without hurting my junk. Do not underestimate the time it takes for this to heal. I was away from work for two full weeks.

-When you get a chubby (4w) it still stings a bit but nothing like the searing pain a week ago. Not to mention the night erections which for me were 3-5 times a night.

-Go to a party store or something along those lines and buy a stiff bowler hat.

Get very loose underwear and jam that hat down there when you go to sleep. You now have a protective dome that covers your bits. I know this sound incredibly stupid, but I cant express how much this helped me sleep for the first two weeks.

-It's going to look brutal for at least two weeks. Do not be concerned unless you have constant pain. Discomfort is to be expected but debilitating pain should be checked out.

-There is a chance of an infection, which was true in my case, but it quickly receded after a few day's of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Now for why I am dismayed:

I think that my doctor may have removed far too much skin causing my erect bits to be hampered and not extending fully. I spoke with him and he dismissed my concerns but being an adult I have been "handling" my penis for long enough to notice a significant difference when erect. I can clearly feel a good portion tucked in "the pouch"... not sure if that translates properly, but his causes my penis to now angle differently and there is a constant tugging on the top base which is borderline painful.

The skin is extremely taught while erect and when flaccid it nearly folds in entirely. I can no longer urinate sitting because the angle is now upwards unless I lean heavily forward and tilt myself awkwardly.

None of this was an issue before the operation so I urge everyone reading who hasn't gone through the operation yet to discuss this with your doctor because there are apparently several "styles" in which the procedure can be performed, high-, mid- and low-cut.

None of this was discussed with me before hand, none of the pain or discomfort mentioned nor recommendations or alternatives outlined.

I urge you to take detailed measurements, from the top and bottom, flaccid and erect, so that you can have reference data before and after the operation. This is doubly important for hefty men as we have excess fat in that "pouch" area which does contribute heavily to visual inspection.

From what I have read so far, my predicament is known to happen with "growers" so do not be shy and mention that to your doctor if the same is true in your case. I intend to consult my doctor again in a month or so when everything should be fully healed on the off-chance that I´m just being paranoid but I also intend to seek a second opinion.

I hope this helps someone out there and while much of what I have said in this post has been somewhat negative there is no need to take my advice as a dismissal for the procedure. If you are having trouble with tight foreskin or cant retract fully, consult a doctor and make an educated decision. Explore all methods and alternatives, risks and rewards (i haven't had a chance to go out for a test ride yet) I am sure that I made the right choice in the long run.


I had the op 4 days ago, and I'm pretty sure I face the grower predicament too. Erections at night have been excruciating and I've been terrified that the stitches would tear apart. It's hard to tell what the final outcome will be, as it's very swollen atm.


I'm a fat guy and can relate 100% to your concerns regarding insufficient skin to cover erect cock as I'm deffo a grower!. I'm now 9 weeks post op and can confirm that things stretch and give as time goes on. Mine still feels a little tight when extremely stiff but I'm assured this improves further with time.

I have sod all when soft and only about 5" erect.

It was the best thing I've ever done and wish I'd had it done a long time ago after years of suffering.

I wanked gently from day 10 and normal sex from day 27.

It feels amazing now, so much more intense!

Message me on here if you want to chat if I can help buddy.


For anyone like myself, concerned about their healing process post-surgery this leaflet covered practically ever concern I had -

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