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Scars on my foreskin


Hi "Sorry for having slitghly bad english".

So, when I was younger my foreskin was attached all around the penis head. I was about 12 years when I started realising no one else had it that I knew about atleast. I am currently 16 years old right now and it's all gone, I got no attached foreskin but I noticed I have like, I don't know "scars" or something around the foreskin, it goes in a pretty straight line around the skin but the scars are not all together.

So I was just wondering if it was normal to have or if I should go see someone about it? Please reply as soon as possible if you know anything about it. Thanks //Jaki

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They might be folds? It may be the way you have it in your pants and it grew it a weird way, its quite common, but if this isn’t the case then i don’t really know, are they painful?

No they arent painful at all. That's why I've thought they were scars or something

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Altough I did use to have it laying in a weird way in my underwear when I was younger but I always have it straight down now as I hade it sidelined before

You would know if you had scars because you would of had to damage the skin, although technically what I’m talking about are scars because they don’t go away. So are you sure they aren’t folds? Or where the foreskin may have folded in the past?

As I had foreskin attached to my glans at a younger age I was pretty stupid because I tried to rip a little at it. "I was only like 12/13 years old. I've never really thought of them being there but I hit my mind a few days ago so I tried to research it but It was really hard finding any good answers. But my guess is scars. And I'm trying to find out if anyone else has anything similar to this

Well no, my foreskin has been retractable since the age of six you naturally play with your penis and thats when it detaches. But i don’t have any scars from it

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