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How to pull down my foreskin ?

I'm 19 years old & tried to pull down my foreskin for the first time. In unerected state though I was having little bit of pain but was able to pull down my foreskin till the mid way between the head & the base. But while doing it in erected state I was able to expose only half the tip of my penis. Also the foreskin(image link in the end) was like a bottleneck around my shaft when going from unerected state to erected causing a lot of pain. Out of curiosity I tried to masterbate but it was too painful for the tip of my penis. But I saw videos where people pull down their foreskin even in erect state. Also they during sex they feel no pain. Image link(not mine but similar)-

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One thing I can say, I had a tight foreskin with no symptoms at all. What happened was that my Dad had a look at it when I was 9 years old and it was too tight to be pulled back and a few years later when I was about 13 years old, the doctor was able to pull it back. Do you know how that happened?


morning, I am 20 years of age and as of three days ago i had a circumcision. Yes it did take a lot of courage and a lot of 'balls' (pardon the pun). 4 years ago i discovered my foreskin would not retract when my penis was erect. My mind told me ' its okay everyone is different'. when i was 16 i lost my virginity. after this i carried on having sex but only with a condom because i was scared of hurting my foreskin area. only when i became single at 18 i decided enough was enough and id go to see a doctor... after 2 referrals the decision was to have the procedure i mentioned above. almost 2 years later i've had the minor operation. Yes i know a long time from that but the price of private was around £1250 which i couldn't justify. the reason I went to the doctors was the worry from sex and the build up of smegma was turning out to be a lot on a daily basis and it started to smell. now i have around 6-8 stitches in my penis they are sore and it does feel uncomfortable. fortunately I am taking 2 weeks off work to recover from the procedure. for the past three days I've lay in bed naked taking 2 paracetamols, 2 ibuprofen every 4 hours. i have not had any pain urinating only the worry of it in my mind. my penis is now open to fresh air with no dressing on. through the night i have been getting erections which I'd hoped wouldn't happen, although painful not as bad as i thought. As a young boy i was never told to retract my foreskin and keep it clean. To date I think this is why its tight. On the good side of things my current girlfriend says it does look sore but she thinks my penis is more attractive now circumcised also my penis is now a lot more hygienic. To close this reply I can only say i spent a lot of time putting off what needed to be done, embarrassing you may think? well yes you could be correct as i haven't told the lads at work as i work on a building site (lets just say the banter would go on and on and on) once I've recovered i may tell them. Now I'm on the road to repair I shall keep you posted on my journey! any questions or worries please feel free to ask me and I will be as honest and detailed as I can. If only there was someone as honest as myself when i was worrying 4 years ago!

kind regards



So it's been a year. And I'm in the same boat. It's literally impossible to peel it back, no matter what. And am thinking of getting it done. Do you prefer it like how it is now or before after a year.


What did you use for your treatment after the surgery beside the pain killers


Has your forskin wver fone behind your head when erect?


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