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Foreskin seems to be attached all the way around. Please help me


Hi, it seems as if my foreskin is fully attached all the way around my glans, I can retract it to about 70% where it the doesn’t move whatsoever. When retracted this far I have pinched it and pulled upwards to see if it’s just tight, however it is attached with a kind of membrane. I’ve been with my girlfriend now for 6 months and when she gives me a handjob it is quite painful and often causes tears that are very painful, this also ruins my erecttions as the pain causes me to lose them.

Please help as I really don’t want a circumcision as I’m 16 and I imagine it will be extremely painful for me as I get regular morning wood. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.

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Well you could slowly peal it off in the bath, their may be some pain but a few boys do this when their younger anyway, if you think anything is ripped and it’s not just the adhesions then stop immediately, but most people suggest pulling back a little further every day, you could you moisturiser on the head to help before and after.

It does seem as if this has happened partly on one side after the other day with my girlfriend, but thank you I will try to do this.

I would Honestly suggest you see a Euroligist as this happened to my son and got worse and he needed a circumcision

I’m beginning to consider it now. I’m going to attempt stretching some more but if there’s no results I will go to a eurologist.

Please don’t cause it will only cause you more damage... I told my son the same thing and it was way more damaging in the end

No it’s not, doctors recommend to do stretching exercises, but do them correctly and safely. Btw I wouldn’t trust someone who can’t spell urologist!

Ya coming from someone who says stretch the shit out of your foreskin .. I have 2 boys 13 and 23... and oops I spelt urologist wrong... take my advice ... don’t give advice to stretch the shit out of your dick .. really!! Again he should see a urologist.. so fuck off!!

They only cause damage to people who are stretching correctly thats why you should use a steroid cream if you need help with inflammation and make sure your not pushing yourself to far because that could cause damage.

The adhesion you were born with hasn’t yet detached. Try separating them. With several attempts per day, eventually you’ll prevail. A coating of Vaseline will prevent the surfaces from fusing again.

You are blessed with a protective, highly-innervated, erogenous full-length foreskin. Many unforeskinned guys would envy your foreskin. You display great wisdom in wanting to avoid circumcision.

You should thank your parents for protecting your physical integrity. Because of your physical integrity you will be able to have sex the way nature intended it.


Baby boys are born with the inner layer of the foreskin fused with the surface of the underlying glans penis. This is natural, normal, and protects against infection. Over some years, the fusion spontaneously disintegrates and releases the inner foreskin. This usually happens prior to puberty, but not always.

It is not uncommon in adolescence to have the inner layer of the foreskin still fused to the glans penis. It is not a serious problem. Do not worry!

Apparently, your foreskin has not yet released, although it probably is about ready to release due to your age. You can try peeling the foreskin away from the glans penis to see if you can break the remaining fusion. Use your thumbs. Do it carefully and little by little. It may take you several tries to get it all.

The foreskin can also adhere to the glans penis if it is not retracted on a regular basis.

When you pull the foreskin away, the head will be red in color, where the separation occurred, for a while. Put some Vaseline under your foreskin to prevent it from re-adhering to the head.

You may also try "ballooning" your foreskin by pinching the tip shut when you pee and causing the foreskin to fill with pee. That will lift the foreskin away from the head and tear away the fusion.

When your foreskin does separate you will probably find a large deposit of smegma that has been harmlessly collecting since your birth. Do not worry about it. Just wash it off.

If you can’t get it to separate by pulling on it, then a urologist can help you. It is called “lysing”.

Many doctors will want to do a circumcision because they make lots of money from doing a circumcision. Circumcision is not necessary and extremely harmful. Just say NO.

As you are only 16 I would speak with your father about. It is difficult for anyone to advise you without seeing it first off. In some children the foreskin doesn’t detach from the gland till later. This could be perfectly natural. It happened to me. The foreskin on average detaches around the age of 5 to7 years old. However in some people it happens later. I would speak to your father and possibly get a referral to a urologist. Are you living in the UK. I personally would advise you not to get a circumcision as the easiest option. The recovery time can be quite long and painful. As is often the case when the NHS performs the operation. Explore other options first. When your girlfriend give you a handjob try using some lubricant. Durex make a whole range of them and you can get them from a supermarket or chemist.

Thank you everyone for the replies I’m going to attempt a few of these and hope for success.

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